October 25, 2004
Some klezmer listings are going away

Yup. This morning I removed the first listing in a while: a Vancouver band named "Kreplach" from whom I haven't heard since 1997, and for whom I could discover no working contact.

One result of moving all e-mail addresses into the new anti-spam database is that everyone is getting an e-mail asked for confirmation. Those that are obviously unconfirmable now are being removed first. Others will be removed over the next couple of months.

If you are listed on the Klezmershack, or have a band or organization or radio show or whatever listed here, take a look at your listing and confirm that it is current. Doing this will accomplish two things:

  • You'll jump to the head of the queue for getting your e-mail address in the anti-spam queue, because all changes at this point start with that action. (If you have a listing but haven't gotten leads in a while, an outdated listing may be the explanation.)
  • You'll prevent that embarrassing disappearance of your listing when I can't find proof that your band, person, organization, whatever still exists to the public.
  • You'll earn serious points with me - anyone who saves me effort or makes my life easier is a major mensh and I appreciate it.

There is no one taking care of your listings but you - don't wait for me to discover that you forgot. This stuff is here because it is supposed to be helpful. Help me keep it so.

A hartsikn dank and a toda raba, ari

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