September 05, 2005
זײַט באגריסט

זײַט באגריסט קלעזמרים און קלעזפרײַנד מיט דעם קורס “ײִדיש 101“.

It is important that KlezKanada convey not only how to play klezmer and Yiddish music, but that it also imbue participants with some sense of Yiddish culture. This year's experiment was to set up an afternoon-long set of three sessions, "Klezmer 101", beginning with an hour-long Yiddish language session. Those with at least some Yiddish listened to Peysakh Fishman talk in simple Yiddish about the language and about Ashkenazic culture. I have tried to capture a few fragments of the talk.

[While Peysakh was giving his talk, Kolya Borodulin was handing out several introductions to Yiddish letters out in front of the dining hall. One handout was especially memorable, "a bisl yiddish for klezmorim"]

Shvell  Threshhold

"If you don't understand everything, stop me immediately and I will explain." Peysakh lines his article out, at first slowly in Yiddish, then English, back and forth to clarify and to convey ideas.

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