February 07, 2003
Chanuka Favorites from the Jewish-Music Mailing List In which participants on the Jewish-Music mailing list talk about their Chanuka favorites.
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February 05, 2003
Wandering through Jewish tradition by BEN-CANAR: a new CD from OW

Best greetings from Poland!

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you that we just released the CD called "Nedudai" by SHANI BEN-CANA. This is wonderful record of young talented musician who lives in Safed, Israel.

As for many Jewish families, the life of his own family has been a long journey which is instantly reflected in his music, taking in traditional Jewish music from all corners of the world. Klezmer and Hassidic music interweave together with sounds of the Orient. The beautiful sounds of traditional string instruments (saz, oud) and accordion, violin, clarinet and percussion mingle with joyful singing and cantor's sad wailing.

Nedudai (Wandering) is a journey through time, and it reveals the rich diversity of Jewish music from Poland, through the Balkans, Levant and to Central Asia.
You can find more information and also you can listen to this music at: < a href="http://www.orangeworld.pl/records/e-index.htm">www.orangeworld.pl/records/e-index.htm.
If you are interested in license, distribution, concerts, promotion or buying of this wonderful record, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open for all kind of co-operation.

With best wishes,
Piotr Pucylo (producer & musician)

ul.Swietojanska 5/7 m.5,
81-368 Gdynia, Poland,
tel. / fax: (+48 +58) 620-59-40

e-mail: info@orangeworld.pl

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December 20, 2002
New American-Jewish Music for Prayer CD

OPEN THE GATES! is a representative sampling (or as representative as one CD can be)--18 selections, by 18 different composers and performers--of contemporary American-Jewish religious folk music, reflecting the inclusive, intimate, and lyrical style of contemporary Jewish prayer music--and incorporating various American folk and popular styles (bluegrass/country/world music/a cappella/"light" jazz; guitars and fiddles, pianos and flutes) in the characteristic manner of Jewish musical fusion. It is unusual--and perhaps unique--for including under one virtual roof the music of almost every segment of the American Jewish community--from the more-or-less yeshiva world to Jewish Renewal, and many in between. The compiler is Robert Cohen.

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April 21, 2002
Latest reviews by Ari Davidow cheer up a taxing season

The latest reviews include Byrd/Chevan / This is the Afro-Semitic Experience, 2002; Tim Sparks / At the Rebbe's Table, 2002;Yankele / L'Esprit du klezmer, 2001; Howard Leshaw / Bronx Volume II: Yiddish on the Edge, 2001; Klezmaniacs (MA) / Sveet like herring vit potatoes, 2001; Amsterdam Klezmer Band / Limonchiki, 2001; Alain Chekroun & Taouifik Bestandji / Chants des Synagogues du Maghreb, 2000; Mark Levy / Bin ikhmir a shnayderl (I'm a little Tailor), 1999; Roy Nathanson & Anthony Coleman / I could've been a drum, 1997; Rabson, Mimi / Music, 2002.

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March 31, 2002
Release party for the Afro-Semitic release recording, Middletown, CT, Apr 1

8:30 p.m. on Monday, April 1 at the Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street in Middletown, CT, (860) 347-4957. The new CD features Chevan and Byrd with the Afro-Semitic Experience playing an array of original pieces, sacred music, klezmer, and sacred music by jazz composers. The official release date for this recording is April 5, but we will have albums available at this event. Please join us if you are anywhere in the Connecticut area. Matzo will be served and a freylekhe down home time will be had by all!!

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March 24, 2002
Passover music and more

The latest reviews include Lori Cahan-Simon's secular Yiddish Passover song, a SoCalled Hip Hop seder, Nefesh' debut album, 'unplucked,' a delightful album by Israeli band, Tea Packs, 'your life in a lafa,' and Jewlia Eisenberg's latest effort, an avant gardeish, mostly a capella piece based on the writings and diaries of Walter Benjamin and Asja Lacis. A mediation by singer between two lovers. A 'Trilectic.'

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March 09, 2002
Choral Concert in the Jewish and Christian traditions "Psalms"

The first CD produced by AMJ - the Friends of Jewish Music - is the live recording from the remarkable concert given on March 11th 2001 at the Geneva Conservatory, Switzerland.

The first CD produced by AMJ - the Friends of Jewish Music - is the live recording from the remarkable concert given on March 11th 2001 at the Geneva Conservatory, Switzerland. It brings you:

the choir of the Russian Orthodox Church, dir. A. Diakoff

the vocal ensemble "Henri Milstein", dir. H. Milstein

the "Polhymnia" choir, dir. R. Szekely

These three choirs, representing the Jewish and Christian traditions, interpret each their own repertoire, but also twice join together to perform works by Salomone Rossi.
The programme includes great liturgical works from the jewish and christian traditions, and compositions from Salomone Rossi; George Malcolm; Zoltán Kodály; Bernard Reichel; Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

A deeply moving occasion, where the spirit of tolerance and spiritual communion are transmuted into music.

You can listen some tracks at www.club-association.ch/amj/WPR10313.htm
The CD with 28 page illustrated booklet (french/english) can be bought for
CHF 28.- or EUR 20.- or USD 20.- (mailing costs included) at

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February 24, 2002
Craig Taubman to release One Shabbat Morning CD I am very pleased and excited to announce the upcoming release of "One Shabbat Morning". Over two years in the making, the CD features thirteen new melodies as well as special performances by guest Cantors Alberto Mizrahi, Patti Linsky and Ira Bigeleisen.

One Shabbat Morning is a project that was created in an effort to reach and inspire a larger number of people to the Saturday Morning service. The melodies are catchy and often based on the Nusach (traditional melodies) of the morning service.

In our constant desire to reach new people we have what we hope will be a creative outreach promotion. For a very limited time you can purchase two CD's for $18. It is our hope that you will keep one copy and share the other copy with someone who might be interested in this new music. All orders must be received by March 1st, our expected release date in order to receive this special discount!

If you are interested in purchasing One Shabbat Morning, please send a check made out to Craig'n Co. to PO Box 6061-115, Sherman Oaks CA 91423

If you would like to place the order using a credit card you can e-mail Melanie or Lauren at Craignco@aol.com or call 818-760-1077 and they will be happy to help you. They will need your card number, expiration date, phone and full name and address.

I thank you for your support and hope the music touches you.


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February 12, 2002
Rahel Jaskow debum album--new music by an Orthodox Jewish woman Rahel Jaskow's debut album is a small statement that Orthodox women should be allowed to sing in public. Amanda Borschel writes in the Jerusalem Post.
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February 10, 2002
New book on Synagogue Music

"The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue: History and Definition by Sholom Kalib." Publication date: March 2002. Publisher: Syracuse Univ Pr. Binding: Hardcover. Subjects: Music; Ethnomusicology; History & Criticism.

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December 30, 2001
The Soul of Klezmer: Last reviews of 2001 Capsule reviews of music by San Francisco Klezmer Experience, Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks, Jack Kessler, Bang on a Can, Abby Rabinowitz, Klezmerica, Musa Berlin, Di Gojim, Jamie Saft, Jeremy Brown, and compilation 'The Soul of Klezmer'
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December 07, 2001
Years's Best Recordings by George Robinson George Robinson selects the years best, including albums by Bang on a Can, Klezamir, Klezperanto, David Lang, Frank London, Peter Salzman and the Revolution Ensemble, Shirona, Robert Starer, Josh Waletzky, Za'atar, Emil Zrihan, and recordings of Composers of the Holocaust, The Yemenite Jews, and The Music of the Mountain Jews.
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