Brikele / A Concert of Yiddish Songs

Album cover: Dark background, sensitive singer and pianist and music. Condensed Bodoni type Brikele
A Concert of Yiddish Songs

Syncoop Produkties 5757 CD 207, 1997

To be reviewed by Reyzl Kalifowicz-Waletzky

Personnel this recording:
Mariejan van Oort: voice
Jacques Verheijen: piano, tsimbl, guitar


  1. Kivele (text/music: Mordekhay Gebirtig) 3:13
  2. Ver der ershter vet lakhn--Who'll be the first to laugh? (text/music: Mordekhay Gebirtig) 4:26
  3. Papirosn--Cigarettes (text: Herman Yablokoff / music: Russian trad.) 5:37
  4. Hulyet, hulyet kinderlekh--Enjoy yourselves, children (text/music Mordekhay Gebirtig) 2:39
  5. Reyzele (text/music Mordekhay Gebirtig) 3:40
  6. Dos freylekhe shnayderl--The Happy Tailor (text: Yosef Kerler / music: trad.) 5:14
  7. Farvos veynstu, Sheyndele--Why are you weeping, Sheyndele (text/music Mordekhay Gebirtig) 3:46
  8. Eili, Eili, lomo azavtoni--My God, why have you abandoned me? (text: Boris Tomashevski / music: Kopel Sandler) 3:17
  9. A zuniker shtral--A ray of sunshine (text: Mordekhay Gebirtig / music: Jacques Verheijen) 2:35
  10. Shlogt der zeyger eyns--When the clock strikes one (text/music: trad.) 7:13
  11. Khapt im, nemt im--Take him, catch him (text/music: trad.) 1:35
  12. Hirsch Lekert (text/music: unknown) 4:23
  13. Kholemen khaloymes--They dream dreams (text: Aliza Greenblatt / music: Solomon Golub) 2:44
  14. In droysn iz finster--Outside it's dark (text/music: trad.) 4:15
  15. Dos alte porfolk--the old couple (text/music: Mordekhay Gebirtig) 4:48
  16. Gehat hob ikh a heym--I had a home (text: Mordekhay Gebirtig / music: Emil Gorovets) 4:16
  17. Babi Yar (text: Shike Driz / music: Riva Boyarsky / Adapt. Jacques Verheijen) 5:17
  18. Shpil zhe mir a lidele af yidish--Play me a song in Yiddish (text: I. Kotliar / music: unknown) 4:40

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