Juedische Musiktraditionen released: Jewish music school curriculum (German)

We are pleased to announce the publication of:

Rita Ottens/Joel Rubin
Juedische Musiktraditionen (Jewish Musical Traditions)
Musikpraxis in der Schule, Band 4 (Music in the Schools, vol. 4)
ISBN 3-7649-2694-5
BE 2684, ca. 144 Seiten/pages
mit/with CD DM 49,80
12 December, 2001
Gustav Bosse Verlag , Kassel, Germany

Juedische Musiktraditionen (in German) is intended for use by school teachers and other interested readers. It provides an introduction to the spectrum of Jewish music -- religious and secular, Ashkenazic and Sephardic -- via case studies of selected traditions (with accompanying CD). It includes a discussion of time-honored questions such as "what is Jewish music?" and "is there such a thing as Jewish music?," at the same time deconstructing many of the myths surrounding the subject. The book begins with a critical essay by Rita Ottens on the problematics related to the performance, study and reception of Jewish musical traditions in contemporary Germany.

Dr. Joel E. Rubin * Rita Ottens