Special Jewish Dance Publication

Jewish Folklore & Ethnology Review
Vol. 20, No. 1-2, Spring 2001.

This issue, edited by Judith Brin Ingber, features richly illustrated articles about Israeli folk dance and dance in Israel; the first Israeli folk dance tour to European Displaced Persons camps in 1947; contemporary choreography in Israel and the U.S.; Jewish dance in Renaissance Italy and under Stalin; dance rituals of the Hasidim, Yemenites and Ethiopian Jews. The authors are expert European, Israeli and American dance scholars.

This publication has been listed in the top 20 best dance writings for 2001 and is being considered for the de la Torre Bueno Prize for the most distinguished original book of dance scholarship. This prize is the only adjudicated recognition in the field of dance publication.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue on Jewish Dance
Judith Brin Ingber


Jewish Dancing-Masters and 'Jewish Dance' in Renaissance Italy (Guglielmo Ebreo and Beyond)
Barbara Sparti

Cultural Formation in Eretz-Israel: The National Dance Competition of 1937
Nina Spiegel

Israeli Folk Dance

Vilified or Glorified? Nazi and Zionist Views of the Jewish Body
Judith Brin Ingber

Beyond the Nation in Israeli Folk Dancing? Performing Community in New York Under the Impact of Globalization
Elke Kaschl

Jewish Dance Artists

Felix Fibich, Selections from an Oral History
Interview by Judith Brin Ingber

The Yemenite Dance Materials of Sara Levi-Tanai (with listing of choreographic works)
Giora Manor

A Personal Testimony
Sara Levi-Tanai. Translated by Rob Rees

Dance in Jewish Communities and Religious Groups

Ethiopian Dance in Israel and An Interview with Ruth Eshel
Dawn Lille Horwitz

Simcha Bais Hasha'eva in Crown Heights: Rehearsing for the Ultimate Simcha Among the Lubavitcher Hasidim
Jill Gellerman

Do You Bow? Dancing to the Image of the Sabbath Queen
Judith Neulander

Jewish Theater Dance

Jewish Culture and Identity in the Russian Ballet: The Case of Leonid Jacobson
Janice Ross

Searching for Moving Metaphors: Jewishness in American Dance and Postmodern Dance
Naomi Jackson

Name Calling: The Dichotomy Between Jewish and Israeli Dance
Gaby Aldor

Bibliography on Jewish Sources

Introduction to Bibliography
Judith Brin Ingber

Bibliography of Jewish Dance Sources
Lillian Stillwell

Bibliography on Jerome Robbins
Judith Brin Ingber with Joelle Worm

Jewish Dance

Issue Editor
Judith Brin Ingber

General Editor
Guy H. Haskell

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Haya Bar-Itzhak
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Simon Bronner
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