The KlezmerShack "T" is here!

The Klezmer Shack T

$18, postpaid US/Canada. Send me e-mail for info. The t-shirts are currently being reprinted in three languages. The original, English with Yiddish/Hebrew; English with Yiddish/French (for all of our French-Canadian music fans); English with Serbo-Croatian (Latin and Cyrillic lettering, the better to show off at Balkan Camp). They should be available by mid-July.

Want a free t-shirt? The original T-shirt and logo spell out "klezmershack" in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. Obviously, there are many languages in which this would be appropriate, and I've just begun to honor a few. If you are the first to suggest a variation (I need exact spelling, in text or GIF or JPG) in a language conceivably relevant, that I can typeset (uses Latin 1 or 2, Cyrillic, or Hebrew alphabets), that I can vet, and which becomes the translation paired with that language, you get a free t-shirt sporting that language, paired with the standard English and Yiddish. In addition, another logo will go into rotation on the klezmershack, which will make things more fun for all of us.

Romanian? Russian? Spanish? a Sephardic language? Whatever you speak fluently, and whatever translation you think might be appropriate for "Klezmer Shack." (dom klezmer?)