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Bubbeleh, 2014
pfmentum CD082

CD and MP3s available via band website, or from pfmentum or bandcamp.

A charmingly fresh klezmer/jazz fusion with some nifty dissonant elements, this first full-length recording from LA's self-styled "Naughtiest Experimental Klezmer ensemble" is unexpectedly pleasing. Even the song names are fun. "Simcha Boytchik Hintele" is a delightful bar mitzvah party send-off that manages to transcend screaming guitar and intergalactic sound effects to deliver a nicely danceable tune. At times the band reminds me of Benjamin Laden's beloved Benny and the Vildachayas; at other times it reflects the same Southern California sun-kissed anarchy that gave us the Rabbinic School Dropouts.

From the opening raucous "Dybbuk Square Dance" to the quiet of "Mosesque" to the occasionally Bo Diddley-inflected closing "Czytzfachykz," this is just a whole lotta fun. The playing is tight. The imagination is solidly ephemeral. They're currently doing a CD release tour. Catch them if you can.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 30 May 2014

Personnel this recording:
Andrew Conrad: clarinet
Greg Zilboorg: trumpet
Lauren Baba: violin
Max Kutner: guitar
Philip Rankin: keys
Rusty Kennedy: bass
Clin Woodford: drums

Song Titles

  1. Dybbuk Square Dance (Max Kutner) 3:27
  2. Fear of Heights (Max Kutner) 5:07
  3. Schmutzy Glasses (Greg Zilboors) 5:21
  4. Woulda ... Coulda ... MESHUGGAH!!! (Philip Rankin) 3:41
  5. (An Honest) Living (Max Kutner) 2:19
  6. Choots-Pah (Philip Rankin) 3:54
  7. Grepse (Philip Rankin) 3:35
  8. Simcha Boytchik Hintele (Puppy Party) (Philip Rankin) 3:35
  9. Mosesque (Max Kutner) 6:50
  10. Bubberella (Max Kutner) 4:25
  11. Czytzfachykz (Rusty Kennedy) 4:53

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