Budowitz / Live

Review by Keith Wolzinger

Budowitz / Live CD cover - mighty fishy!Budowitz / Live
Golden Horn Records, CHP 029-2, 2007
Available from the Budowitz shop and fine retailers everywhere

Budowitz Live is the latest release from Budowitz, a klezmer group that brings new life to the music of the Eastern European Jews. I first became aware of Budowitz in 2001, but it was only recently that I took the next step and became seriously interested in the the group and the truly wonderful music that they bring to the world.

The group is fronted by Josh Horowitz (Tsimbl/Accordion) and Cookie Segelstein (Violin) who together wrote most of the arrangements on the album. They are joined by Christian Dawid, a favorite Clarinet player of mine, and string players Tamas Gombai, Sandor Toth, and Zsolt Kurtosi. Some of the songs are original compositions, but blend completely into the soundscape that Budowitz so ably lays out for us.

The 2-disc set is taken from live performances in Switzerland and is organized into suites from ten geographic regions of Eastern Europe, including Mogiolev, birthplace of my paternal grandfather. I find it particularly helpful to regionalize these songs, as there is a clear distinction between the musical styles and emotional impact these songs convey, based on the locality of the people who originated them. Budowitz takes us on tour with them through the villages and countryside of these areas, evoking a strong sense of place and community from each song.

You know, being slightly Geekish, I always have to say something about the quality of the sound. For those of you who opt to get the CD, or a high-quality download, you're in for something special. This has to be one of the most pristine live recordings I've heard. Live recordings can be dicey, especially when using two venues for the performances. Budowitz assembled a first rate team for recording, mixing, editing, and mastering this intricate material. The mix sounded great on computer speakers, earbuds, and my home stereo. But, when I tried it on my home theater system and switched to the DTS Neo:6 mode and listened in 6.1 surround, I felt like I was in the front row of the concert. Trust me, give it a try!

Finally, I want to mention the 12-page insert booklet that comes with the CD package. Produced by Horowitz and Segelstein, the booklet does not contain lengthy "liner notes", but rather, short descriptions of each song, stating its purpose and origin. That's enough for me. We don't all have to be musicologists to enjoy great music. We also are treated to four pages of a photo collage that give us a glimpse into the life of the group while on tour (plus what appears to be some klezmer-loving pets!).

What more can I say? I'm a brass player, but I love this album. If you are into string/tsimbl/accordion style klezmer you will love the authentic feel and presence this album delivers. I highly recommend you make room on your shelf or hard drive for Budowtitz Live!

Reviewed by Keith Wolzinger, October 3, 2007

Personnel this recording:
Christian Dawid: C-Clarinet, Baraban (CD 1 track 5)
Tamás Gombai: Violin (Solo on CD 1 tracks 8-11; Violin 1 on CD 1 tracks 2-3, 6-7; CD 2 track 4)
Joshua Horowitz: Tsimbl, 19th Century Button Accordion
Zsolt Kürtösi: Three-string Bass, Three-string Cello (CD 1, tracks 12-17: CD 2, track 16)
Cookie Segelstein: Violin (Solo on CD 1 tracks 15-17, CD 2 tracks 8-9; Violin 1 on CD 2 tracks 11, 12-13, 16)
Sándor D. Tóth: Three-string Bratsch (Viola), Baraban (Drum)


Follow links to listen to songs, courtesy of CDbaby.com

CD 1


  1. Mekhels Basmiden 0:57
  2. Mekhels Shwartse Khasene 2:18
  3. Gramester Fun der Khupe 1:24
  4. Cimpulunger Mitsve Tants 4:57
  5. Galitsiyaner Sher 3:20
  6. Podoloy

  7. Rakhover Tsum Tish 1:54
  8. Rakhover Pékho 3:14
  9. Transylvania

  10. Vargas Verbunk 1:38
  11. Vargas Învîrtita 1:48
  12. Vargas Legényes 0:51
  13. Vargas Szapora 1:13
  14. Kiev

  15. Josefs Tish Nign 2:42
  16. Margulis Sher 1:08
  17. Dawids Sher 3:00
  18. Volakhay

  19. Doina Af Tsvey Strunes 2:19
  20. Schwartz Duda 0:48
  21. Haida Nani 3:36

CD 2


  1. Mindlins Redele 2:06
  2. Goldbergs Tatar Tants 1:32
  3. Schwartz Beygele 1:31
  4. Bughicis Sîrba 2:29
  5. Budowitzer Bulgarish 2:42
  6. Volhynia

  7. Voliner Khtsos 2:52
  8. Pedotsers Sîrba mit Variatsyes 3:30
  9. Mogilev

  10. Libuke Layuke 2:23
  11. Kutshemay 2:06
  12. Tkhine fun Yas 3:58
  13. >Hopinkes Redele 2:28
  14. Bukovina

  15. Shiyas Doina 4:14
  16. Sokyrianer Hora 1:48
  17. Di Groyse Hora 4:54
  18. Tshernovitser Sher 3:07
  19. Bessarabye

  20. Drúshpen 3:37

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