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Album cover: Great lettering and an image of an early Tarras band. Dave Tarras
Yiddish-American Music, 1925 - 1956

Yazoo Records 7001, 1992
a division of
Shanachie Entertainment

Dave Tarras / Yiddish-American Music, 1925 - 1956

  1. Unzer Toirele, Abe Schwartz Orchestra, 1928
  2. Yiddisher March, Joseph Cherniavsky's Yiddish-American Jazz Band, 1925
  3. Good Luck, Lou Lockett's Orchestra, 1946
  4. Polka "Strelotchek," Russkyj Orkestr "Moskva," 1926
  5. Chasidic in America, Moishe Oysher and Florence Weiss, 1938
  6. A Yid Bin Ich Geboiren, Michl Michalesco with Alexander Olshanetsky Orchestra, 1929
  7. Dem Monastrishter Rebin's Chosid'l, Abe Schwartz Orchestra, 1925
  8. Hopkele, Seymour Rechtzeit with Abe Ellstein Orchestra, 1941
  9. Bridegroom Special, Yiddish Swing Orchestra, 1940
  10. Die Goldene Chasene, Abe Ellstein Orchestra, 1945
  11. Pas D'Espan, Russkyj Orkestr "Moskva," 1925
  12. Mazel in Liebe, Alexander Olshanetsky Orchestra, 1929
  13. A Vaibele A Tsnien, The Bagelman Sisters with Abe Ellstein Orchestra, 1942
  14. Zum Gali Gali, Yiddish Swingtette, c. 1950
  15. Die Reize Nuch Amerika, Abe Schwartz Orchestra, 1929
  16. Branas Hassene, Dave Tarras Trio, 1941
  17. Kinos, Tkios un Ashrei, Boibriker Kapelle, 1927
  18. What Can You Mach? S'is America, Aaron Lebedeff with Alexander Olshanetsky's Orchestra, 1929
  19. Oriental Hora, Yiddish Swingtette, c. 1955
  20. Second Avenue Square Dance, Abe Ellstein Orchestra, 1950
  21. FreilachsLou Lockett's Orchestra, 1946
  22. Dayeynu, Yiddish Swingtette, 1950
  23. Rumanian Fantasy, Tantz Orchestra, 1956

Dave Tarras was one of the people who defined American Klezmer music. Henry Sapoznik worked with Tarras before his death in 1989 to put together this collection of wonderfully cleaned up masters. Freed of the snap, crackle, and pop of unedited 78s, what emerges is soul music with swing. This is the music without which Emma Goldmann would have forsaken revolution. This music is life. It sings of melting pot and 2000 years of recorded history. It dances. This is the real thing. complete with a couple of radio ads and other aural mnemonics. The compilation is also accompanied by a biography.

This is my favorite of the compilations of older music, hands down. And it doesn't even have Naftule Brandwein :-)!

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 6/28/95

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