Temple Sinai Klezmer Band / May the borscht be with you

Album cover: slightly washed out picture of the band on white background. Mundane type.

Temple Sinai Klezmer Band
May the Borscht be with You

Temple Sinai, 41 West Hartford Road, Newington, CT 06111.
Tel: 860-561-1055

The Temple Sinai Klezmer Band sounds like an excellent wedding band with a broad repertoire, including some of my favorites--an excellent instrumental "Bei mir bist du shein," a nicely done medley of show tunes, and a lovely collection of freilachs and other Yiddish favorites, all done, unapologetically, mostly from standard, easily available arrangements. (This does lead to a lot of songs with similar names: "fraylach," "fraylachs," and the divergent, "frailach".) There is lots of brass for a nice, full sound, and the band is well-rehearsed and well-practiced. They also seem to enjoy the music, and that matters. This CD is a chance to strut their stuff, and they do it well. Hartford is lucky to have them around.

If I have a kvetch, it is only a minor one--the band neglected to put contact information on the CD, so that the lucky purchasers will be unable to contact the band for simkhas. I have included that information on this page in a couple of places to ensure that it gets out.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 10/20/97

Personnel this recording:
Rabbi Jeffrey Bennett: violin, vocals
Dave Cohen: clarinet
Faye Dion: keyboard, tambourine
Doug Engwall: double bass
Karen Engwall: flute
Michael Feldman: alto sax
Edward Friedman: clarinet
Donna Gordon: vocals
Max Gordon: piano
Dean Kavalkovich: trombone
Everett Rosenblatt: violin
Joel Schlank: trumpet
Harvery Seltzer: drums
Ann Speyer: cello
Sheldon Wishnick: tenor sax


  1. Wu Nemt Men a Bisel Baash (Henry Weinstein, from Kammen International Folios)
  2. Lena from Palesteena (Con Conrad and J. Russel Robinson; arr. Max Gordon)
  3. Temple Sinai Freylach (Michael Feldman)
  4. Fraylachs (trad., arr. S.W. Milstein)
  5. Bei Mir bis du Schoen (Sholom Secunda; arr. Michael Feldman)
  6. Odesser Bulgar (arr. from Kammen)
  7. Abi Gezunt (music: Abraham Ellstein; lyrics: Molly Picon)
  8. Jewish Overture (arr. from Kammen)
    In a Klein Shtiebele (J. Rumshinsky); Glick (Al. Olshanetsky); Mein Yiddishe Meidel (Sholom Secunda); Hoo-tza-tza (P. Kanapoff); Belz, Mein Shtetele Belz (Al. Olshanetsky); Oi I like she (Al. Olshanetsky); Papirossen--"Cigarettes" (Yablokoff); Baigelech--"Bublichki"
  9. Dona Dona (Aaron Zeitlin and Sholom Secunda; arr. Michael Feldman)
  10. Sher (Trad., arr. S.W. Milstein)
  11. Un Az Der Rebbe Zingt (arr. Michael Feldman)
  12. Die Zilberne Khasene (arr. Michael Feldman)
  13. Frailach (arr. from Kammen)
  14. Bisele Yash (arr. Michael Feldman)
  15. Fraylach (arr. from Kammen)
  16. Mayn Shtetl Yas (M. Kletter; arr. Pete Sokolow)
  17. Tsenah
  18. Hava Nagila

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