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If you are new to klez and want recommendations, don't write me--wander through the reviews and see what sounds interesting. Join the jewish-music mailing list and ask the assembled participants what they like. (On the other hand, if there is a band that I haven't reviewed, and it sounds like my kind of band, do write. And if your local music store can't or won't stock the albums you're looking for, write the bands directly, or consider the online ordering sources.

The latest reviews
Ari's Top Ten or so
Klezmer (broadly defined)
Pre-klez revival (re-masters and re-issues)
New Jewish Music, whatever that is
Rap, hip hop, dance, trance
Klez-jazz, avant garde klez, and modern classical
Jewish, with lots of attitude
Yiddish vocals - folk, theatre, artsong
Sephardic, Ladino, Mizrakhi
Nigunim, Cantorial, prayers, sacred music
Israeli popular music
Especially for kids
Not klez, but you'll like it!
Compilation albums

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To increase the odds that you will find the album you are looking for, some albums are listed in more than one category. Categories tend to be interpreted by me, broadly.

The latest reviews
Here's what's new. Or new to me. Enjoy!

The Klez top ten (more or less) -- Ari's Choice—

Old and new stuff I'm listening to now. I have made no attempt to assign priority. If there aren't any links, I'm reviewing the album and it's noted here just to let you know it's out, and how it's fitting in so far.). Last updates Sep 2022.

  1. Daniel Kahn & Jake Shulman-Ment / The Building (and other songs) (2023)
  2. Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell / Nem mayn vort (2022)
  3. Zoë Aqua / In Vald Arayn (Into the forest), 2022 (review 26-Nov-2023)
  4. Eden MacAdams-Somer & Hankus Netsky / Give me back my heart, 2022 (review 24-Nov-2023)
  5. Jeremiah Lockwood / A great miracle, 2021 (review 18-Nov-2023)
  6. Levyosn / Levyosn's Lullaby, 2023 (review 18-Nov-2023)
  7. Jeremiah Lockwood / A great miracle
  8. Mamaliga / Dos Gildn Bletl (the Golden Leaf), 2021 (review 4-Sep-2022)
  9. Fran and Flora / Unfurl
  10. Yoni Avi Battat / Fragments, 2022 (review 10-Sep-2022)
  11. Lily Henley / Oras Dezaoradas, 2022 (review 10-Sep-2022)
  12. Jaffa Road / Until When, 2021 (review 5-Sep-2022)
  13. <

Klezmer, or close-by

New Jewish Music—folk song to art song to avant garde

Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Trance

Klez-jazz, avant garde, and modern classical

Jewish, with lots of attitude

Pre-klez revival: Remasters and re-issues

Yiddish vocals—folk, theatre, and art

Sephardic, Ladino, Mizrakhi

Nigunim and prayers

Israeli Popular Music

Especially for Kids

Not klez, but you'll like it!

  • Les Yeux Noirs / Live, 2003 (review 6 Feb '05)
  • Yiddish Princess 2010 (review 25-Jun-2010)
  • Compilations, film scores, and varied

    Videos and DVDs


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