Yiddish Princess EP

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Yiddish Princess
Available in the US from cdbaby.com, 2010

Listening to Sarah Gordon capture Kate Bush's voice so perfectly on "Oy Avram" is the sort of major heart-stopping faux nostalgic pleasure that justifies creation of this CD without even considering the rest of the pretty fucking amazing Yiddish poetry set to '80s power pop that comprises the rest of this CD. In concert, the band includes a broader repertoire, including several of Ms. Gordon's own poems, but here we get new settings for the ever-popular Yiddish poet, anon. ("Oy Avram"), as well as new settings for songs by more recent poets. The pairing of guitarists Avi Fox-Rosen and Yoshie Fruchter gives the music a delightful edge that I am told is sometimes reminiscent of the '80s metal band Bon Jovi (shades of Wishbone Ash!). Certainly, the melodies sound familiar, if not from Yiddish class at KlezKamp or KlezKanada, then from the radio of the decade in which these musicians were born.

Having seen the band in concert, I can only complain that this EP captures too little, and totally misses the incredible fun of watching the six musicians tear it up, presenting Yiddish song in a sort of modern revival--1880s Yiddish pop meets 1980s Western pop, as it were. Snap up this collector's item fast (buy a dozen—they're cheap, sound delicious, and make you seem pretty damn hip for an alte kaker).

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 25 June 2010.

Personnel this recording:
Sarah Mina Gordon: vocals
Michael Winograd: synths
Avi Fox-Rosen: guitar
Yoshie Fruchter: guitar
Ari Folman-Cohen: bass
Chris Berry: drums


  1. Oy Avram (trad) 2:59
  2. Dem Milners Trern (M. Warshavsky) 2:56
  3. Ver Vet Blaybn (words: A. Sutzkever; music: Zh. Lopatnik) 3:43
  4. A Glezele Yash (words: Y. Kerler; music: V. Shainsky) 3:53
  5. Az Nisht Keyn Emune (trad. Khasidic) 5:13

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