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People keep writing looking for advice, looking for jam sessions, looking for music. For advice, of course, the only reasonable recourse is the jewish-music mailing list. For music or recordings, if I know about it, it's on the "klezvendors" page. Stories and info about bands I've never seen or just e-mail that seemed worth sharing (assuming that the person sending it agreed to go public) goes on the feedback pages. But for the stuff that I'm not sure where to put it, this is the page for that kind of stuff. I'll figure out how to organize stuff as the page gets bigger, or per your suggestions.

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Looking for folks to jam/gig

Drummer needed in Boston area for gigs

Richard Yospin
Date: 21 Oct 2013

Shir Madness, from Newton, Mass, is looking for a new (serious amateur) drummer, as our present drummer is retiring. Some knowledge of klezmer is desirable, such as from KlezKamp or Klez Canada. The band has eight members and we rehearse every Sunday morning from 10 to noon. Our repertory ranges from classic klezmer and Yiddish theater songs to contemporary klezmer pieces. We play frequently at old folks homes, Boston area synogogues, public libraries, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other events, with 12 public performances in 2010 and 11 in 2012.

Composer seeks band in NYC for gigs

Moshe Knoll
Date: 19 Jun 2013

My name is Moshe Knoll and I am a pianist-composer located in NYC. I would like to form a band, or to join an already existing one. You may check my video at I can be reached at (917) 767 4655.

Moshe Knoll.

Violinist in South-eastern Pennsylvania

Christopher Brooks
Date: 2 Jan 2011

I'm a classically-trained violinist with extensive orchestral and chamber music experience in both Europe and America. In the last decade, I've turned my attention to jazz, and recently (exploring my Jewish roots) to Klezmer. Inspired by my recent experience at KlezKamp, I'm looking for musicians to play with. Though my experience with Klezmer is scant, I have strong chops, a good feel for dance, collaborative, can read anything, and am a quick study. I'm particularly interested in gigging in south-eastern Pennsylvania and therabouts. Tel: 717-291-9123.

E-mail Christopher Brooks

Looking for Klezmer in Canton, OH

Mindy Segal Rubin
Date: 30 Jan 2010

I have recently moved to Canton, Ohio and am trying to get a klezmer group started here. I need a lead player, either violin or clarinet, since I play keyboards and kind of sing. Just for fun, and then maybe some gigs...Please email me if you are interested.

E-mail Mindy Segal Rubin

If you have a klez story to tell, comments, reviews to add, or just want to let people know about your band, or have something else to say that I haven't already mentioned (and especially about bad links or other mistakes)--send me e-mail, or use the new feedback form. I'll get it all online as I have time. It's a pleasure!

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