Den Flygande Bokrullen

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Album cover: lone drum with the band name and logo.

Den Flygande Bokrullen

Arko Records, 1996, ARKOCD001

M. Pohjola
S:t Göransgatan 32
753 26 Uppsala, Sweden

This energetic band comes out of Sweden and seems to be making an impact all over Europe. There is no mistaking the band's enthusiasm for the genre. In this first recording they attack many standards with high energy and excitement, propelled by a wonderful, Susa-ish tuba and contrabass, high octane drums, and solid accordion, clarinet, and mandolin on the melody lines. They also include several of their own numbers, such as the klez-influenced "Årby Chora".

This style of klezmer seems to be very popular in Europe right now. It is influenced not only by klezmer, but popular brass band styles and jazz. It is the sort of music that would leave traditionalists shaking their heads, but for the excitement and danceability and sheer love of joyous noise (which is exactly where much new klez in the United States also leaves traditionalists). Like any new wave of music, this is not as deeply grounded as older styles, but that, too, should come with time.

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 5/17/97

Personnel this recording:
Carl Johansson: drums
Gustav Johansson: accordion
Matti Pohjola: mandolin, mandola
Oskar Pohjola: tuba, contrabass
Lars Ydgren: clarinet, bass clarinet

  1. Rumelaj (trad.) 2:49
  2. Ternovka (M. Pohjola) 3:32
  3. Odessa bulgar (trad.) 3:06
  4. Årby chora (O. Pohjola) 2:54
  5. Hasaposerviko (trad.) 3:00
  6. Chassidisk Melodi (trad.) 3:16
  7. Deilós (M. Pohjola) 2:16
  8. A freylekhe nakht in Gan Eydn (trad.) 2:50
  9. Härdsmälta (G. Johansson) 3:44
  10. Der Yid (Naftule Brandwein) 3:32
  11. Ehe ya panayia (trad.) 2:47
  12. Sulas bulgar (O. Pohjola) 3:19
    A sample of this song is available in MPEG 2 and RA 2 formats
  13. 13 (M. Pohjola) 3:40
  14. Turkiska cymbaler (M. Pohjola) 3:36
  15. Wrzeszcz (G. Johansson) 2:33
    A sample of this song is available in MPEG 2 and RA 2 formats
  16. Poyolawskys chora (O. Pohjola) 3:11

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