JuMu Presents Nu Jewish Music Vol. 1

Review by Keith Wolzinger

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JuMu Presents Nu Jewish Music Vol. 1
JUMU/ V2 Music, 2007

Purchase on the www.amazon.de website, France.

JUMU has to be the most interesting music entity that I have encountered. The mission of JUMU is to introduce New Jewish Music artists to the French music scene, for both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences. This first compilation album consists of tracks from the artists they have been associated with since 2004. The album is a cross-section of the bands that are leading the new direction in Jewish Music. This international collection shows us that this music has a wide acceptance by young people around the world and JUMU is there to light the way.

This is a great introduction to New Jewish Music for those that might be new to the genre or are not sure where to start listening. So many musical styles are here in one place, from hip-hop and rap, to electro and pop, as well as some alternative and experimental sounds. I find this collection of music to be exactly where contemporary Jewish Music is focused and lays the foundation for what will be attracting an increasingly wider audience in the years ahead. I feel very fortunate to be in a small way connected to the pulse of this new musical direction.

So, what is on the album? North American readers might be familiar with Socalled, David Krakauer, Frank London, Hip Hop Hoodios, and Balkan Beat Box. My favorite song is Socalled's "You Are Never Alone," the first track on the album. To me, this song defines the New Jewish Music genre, mixing together layers of instruments, vocals, and electronic sounds.

But the real excitement for me is discovering the other bands that have not had much exposure yet. My favorite among these is Anakronic Electro Orkestra, from France. They have a great blend of old and new, combining a traditional Klezmer feel with electronic elements. And, as a big fan of Shantel, I am drawn to his remix of a track by Amsterdam Klezmer Band, again taking traditional Klezmer, but mixing in his special blend of Euro-Balkan electronica and vocals.

Other bands featured are Oi Va Voi, Boogie Balagan, Emunah, J.U.F., Boom Pam, Sophie Solomon, and new Pop singer Yael Naim, who is known to North American listeners from her song, New Soul, featured in an Apple Macbook Air TV commercial.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album. It is, for me, the best compilation of New Jewish Music around, and I can highly recommend this album to anyone with an interest in exploring the new bands and musical directions that JUMU has become known for. Thanks to JUMU and these fine artists for putting New Jewish Music on the world map.

Reviewed by Keith Wolzinger, Klezmer Podcast, 23 Sep 2008.


  1. You Are Never Alone (SoCalled)
  2. Adir Adirim (Balkan Beat Box)
  3. A Csitari Hegyek Alatt (Oi Va Voi)
  4. Biomecanicamel (Boogie Balagan)
  5. Why Is It Funny (Anakronic Electro Orkestra)
  6. Bum Ching (Emunah)
  7. Gypsy Part of Town (J.U.F)
  8. Bulgarian Chicks (Balkan Beat Box)
  9. Havana Nagila (Hip Hop Hoodios)
  10. Bubbemeises (David Krakauer & SoCalled)
  11. Who Knows One (SoCalled)
  12. A Time of Desire (Frank London's Klezmer Brass AllStars)
  13. Freylekhs fun der khupe (Solomon & Socalled)
  14. Wedding Song (Boom Pam)
  15. Sadagora Hot Dub (Amsterdam Klezmer Band)
  16. Pin Pricks and Gravy Stains (Sophie Solomon)
  17. Paris (Yael Naim)

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