Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "K"

Stewart Curtis' K-Groove (formerly Klezmer Groove) formed by Stewart Curtis in '92 take on an entirely fresh approach to World Jazz, fusing Klezmer & Arabic melodies with modern & authentic dance grooves. In 1995 Stewart Curtis's K-Groove released their debut Album with Mabley St Records (distributed by Polygram) entitled "Too Loud for Dinner". It's second album, "Smoked Salmon Salsa", was released in Oct 2000, from 33 Records,> It is available on and In December '98 Curtis changed the name of the band from Klezmer Groove to just K-Groove to attract a wider & younger audience.

Kabbalah, based in Marseilles, France, is composed of 5 musicians with diverse cultural backgrounds. The band plays mainly original compositions which are inspired by the musical richness of the yiddish culture as well as rock, african-american and oriental music,so it's probably part of the new jewish music movement. Contact: La Meson, 52 rue Consolat 13001 Marseille/France. Tel: +33(0)6 62 88 40 23. Web:

The Kadima Band, N. Easton, MA, performs a variety of Jewish/Israeli/Klezmer music that brings people of all generations together, getting everyone smiling, clapping, singing along, and dancing! We love to play at social and fundraising events for your synagogue, family, organization, school, and community. Bring in The Kadima Band to make your event or party fun, different, interactive! The Kadima Band plays a variety music that your guests are sure to love. We also play a mix of originals, jazz standards and oldies. Israeli dance instruction can be provided. Tel: 617-969-6454. Web: (Lloyd Baron)

Kandels Kapell is a new swedish instrumental klezmer band. We're five members, each from different musical backgrounds, like classical, jazz, swedish folkmusic and medieval music. We try to make good use of each members musical experiences and. The repertoire consists of some original material, traditional klezmer tunes, and some balcan folk music. Phone: +45-019-611 72 98. Web: (Sven Malmberg)

KaOZ Klezmer are based in Lismore, near Byron Bay, Australia. The 4 core members perform regularly from Brisbane to Sydney & hope to move futher afield when the big gig eventually comes in. KaOZ take New Orleans funk, Cuban rhumba, swing & tango to spice up their repertoire of Eastern European & Middle-Eastern music. Bruce McNicol plays piano as well as accordion & shares the singing with Craig Learmont who doubles guitar and drums, Mark Bromley is on double bass & guitar and Pietro Fine tops it off on clarinet, sax & piano. We also work with the fantastic vocalist Leora Claff and with several guest players to form the KaOZ Klezmer Orkeztra. Try our website to sample the different combinations. Tel: 61-2-66882284. Web: (Pietro Fine).

Kapell Klezmorim are a new klezmerband with members from Scania, South Sweden. We mostly plays Russian klezmer from the Odessa region. The members plays violin, clarinet, accordeon, piano and drums. Contact: Stefan Olsson, Liarumsvägen 105, S-290 10 Tollarp, Sweden, tel +46-44320152. Web: (Swedish). (Stefan Edenborg).

Kapelye, now in its 25th year of recording and touring worldwide, is one of the original bands responsible for the renewed interest in klezmer music. Kapelye's popular appeal over the years has won it a brand new audience as teens and college age fans of alternative rock and folk music have found a kindred spirit in the band's passionate, often highly spirited performances. Always keen to remain fresh and bring new creative energy to its performances, Kapelye has entered its second quarter century by going with its greatest strength, traditional klezmer dance music, and utilizing the solo talents of each musician. Featuring the classic klezmer repertoire of Naftule Brandwein, Dave Tarras, Sid and Shloimke Beckerman, and Max Epstein, and including vocals from the Yiddish theater and Yiddish swing, Kapelye brings new life to these landmark works. Kapelye's fusion of Old World traditions with New World influences creates a unique brand of entertainment that reaches out to each member of the audience. An evening with Kapelye will be one that you will remember for a long time. Members of Kapelye are: Eric Berman - Tuba, string Bass; Ken Maltz - Clarinet; Peter Sokolow - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals. Kapelye's latest recording, Neyer Derekh - New Directions, is available directly from the band.--> Write: 4 Livingston Ave, Jericho, New York 11753. Tel. (516) 733-1854. Fax (516) 733-1855. (Ken Maltz)

Rebecca Kaplan & Pete Rushefsky (New York, Boston). Duo specializing in rarely heard Yiddish folk songs accompanied by tsimbl. Repertoire includes vocal and instrumental material, both traditional and original. Past performances include concerts and festivals throughout New York and Massachusetts. CD: On the Paths: Yiddish Songs with Tsimbl.--> Yiddishland Records, 2004 (available from or (Rebecca Kaplan)

Karlsons Klezmer is a female Swedish klezmer band. We have played together for 9 years and are one of Sweden's well-known klezmer orchestra. We play klezmer in our own way with a swedish accent. We mix swedish folkmusic, african drums, salsa and samba with traditional klezmer songs. Accordion, violin, barytonsaxophone, drums and clarinet are our instuments. We play at festivals and privite parties with or without dance teacher. We make our own arrangements and have made our first CD. On our website you can listen. Tel: +46-08-239108. Web: (Eva Erbenius)

Kaufman Orchestra, Northbrook, IL, is a dynamic group of high professional musicians available for your next wedding reception, Bar Mizvah, corporate event or gathering. We are offering concert program with charismatic folk dancers as part of our Klezmer entertainment package. From Hasidic, Klezmer, and Israel Music to Jazz, Swing, Motown, Disco, Latin, Standards, and Rock-n-Roll. From classical duo for pre-ceremony and ceremony and relaxing duo or trio for cocktails to a full- size band for your dinner/reception. Tel: 708-528-2069. Web: (Irina & Alex Reynish)

Kedushah is a Klezmer-Reggae Fusion. The band is based in Israel but tours worldwide and is often available for local prices. If you are interested in booking a wedding see video clips at> Tel: 866-978-5870 (toll free USA and Canada) / +972 054-683-9937 (Israel). (Ron Wiseman)

Orquesta Kef, based in Buenos Aires, are young musicians who play traditional, classical and contemporary Jewish songs. The Kef sound brings together the emotion, passion and spirit of Jewish music, generating and sharing good times with their audience. It all began at the end of the year 2000, near Chanukah 5761. Shortly after their premiere, Kef found its own and unique musical style. It is based on the millenary force of tradition and the powerful emotion of the Jewish culture, mixed in with Latin American sounds. Web: (Gastón Mohadeb & Rafael Surijon)

Kentokakí nace de las ganas de hacer algo diferente en la escena musical: música klezmer. Kentokakí son: Oleg Dzhevelo / Clarinete; Gustavo Vázquez / guitarra; Laura Romay / bajo; Rodrigo Muñoz / batería. Cada viene de un mundo musical diferente, para juntarse en el Klezmer. Actualmente el cuarteto se encuentra preparando el que será su segundo trabajo, que se grabará en directo en Abrigueiro Estudios, de la mano de Arturo Vaquero, este otoño. Kentokakí is a spanish klezmer band, with Russian influences, due to the pressence of Oleg Dzhevelo, the clarinetist. The clarinet is supported by guitar (Gustavo Vázquez), bass (Laura Romay) and percussion (Rodrigo Muñoz). Very influenced by Giora Feidman, the band released their first album "Odessa Mamma" in 2008. Tel: +34 652 659 644. Web:> MySpace:

Laurie and I are now Kesselgarden. I play clarinet; Laurie Andres plays accordion. "Kesselgarden" is the Yiddish pronunciation of Castle Garden, where Eastern European Jews were processed until the opening of Ellis Island in 1892. Kesselgarden came to be used as a noun to describe confusion and chaos. My mother used it all the time—"There was a sale at Bamberger's and it was a real Kesselgarden". Long story short, Seattle produced Soundgarden, now they have Kesselgarden. That is the name of our upcoming CD. (Carl Shutoff)

Keyna Hora Klezmer Band, based in Syracuse, NY, provides a big klezmer sound by ten accomplished musicians performing Hassidic and Yiddish dances. Our non-profit group plays for simchas and civic and religious events. Singers and a dance leader engage the audience. Tel Sid Lipton: 315-682-8489. Web: (Mimi Weiner)

band photoKhevre, a Boston-based klezmer ensemble, is made up of musicians who met while studying at the New England Conservatory of music. With diverse musical backgrounds, the members of this sextet blend klezmer with hints of jazz, Latin, and American folk music to give them a unique, original sound. Khevre has performed throughout the Northeast. While one of the top concert bands in its field, Khevre can also be seen at your or your friends' bar mitzvahs, weddings, or any other celebrations. Tel: 617 413 7417. Web: (Michael Winograd)

Khevrisa--the Old Jewish Klezmer Ensemble, harks back to the klezmer music of Eastern Europe. "Khevrisa" was the secret klezmer term for the klezmer ensemble, known otherwise as "kapelye". It is used here to refer to the old European kapelye consisting of four instruments with discrete musical functions--the lead fiddle (prima/labushnik), the kontra fiddle (sekund), the cimbal (hackbreydl), and the bass. European klezmer music differed from the American variety in its insturmentation, performance style and in the nature of the repertoire. In Eastern Europe the klezmorim were a closed professional caste, and the kappelmeister violinists were a major source of music both for the local aristocracy and for the Jews. In addition to performing the functional music for Jewish ceremonies and lighter standard classical pieces, the best klezmer composers created small-scale compositions for their wealthier Jewish patrons. At the same time the best khevrisas were masters of dance music, creating dynamic polyrhythmic patterns to accompany the melody of the lead violin. This ensemble features Steven Greenman on lead fiddle, and Walter Zev Feldman on cimbal, as well as other veteran klezmer musicians. We have performed and taught at KlezKanada '99, Ashkenaz '99, New York's Lincoln Center, and Cleveland's Trinity Cathedral, as well as many other venues. The group is available for concerts, workshops, lectures and masterclasses in the US, Canada, and Europe. A CD recording of the ensemble, "European Klezmer Music," was released in 2000, on the Smithsonian Folkways label. (Steven Greenman)

band photo

Khupe is Christian Dawid, clarinets & Sanne Möricke, accordion. Performances throughout Europe, at the Cracow and Warsaw festivals of Jewish culture, Ashkenaz festival in Toronto, festivals in Berlin, Vienna, Weimar, London. Collaborations with Veretski Pass, Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars, the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, the Klezmatics. Their first album, a live recording, is "Mit der Kale tantsn: Jiddische musik", 1999. Their second, even better, if you can believe it, is "Heymisher", 2003. Contact: Immanuelkirchstr 20, 10405 Berlin, Germany. Tel: 49 (30) 4171 4925 Web: (Christian Dawid)

Marc Bernstein's Kibrick plays original compositions and new arrangements of traditional jewish melodies inspired by the Bernstein's (nee Kibrick) own history as Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the USA during the start of the turbulent 20th century and the effect that the music and culture of both places has had on their lives. Klezmer, cantorial and traditional jewish music combined with elements from jazz, free, funk and rock create an inspired, energetic and poetic jewish cocktail. Write: MarcMusic, Hyldehaven 28, 6800 Varde Denmark. Tel: +45 40422072. Web: (Marc Kibrick Bernstein)

Kidz Klez Band of Michigan, founded by Cantor Stephen Dubov, of blessed memory in 1996, consists of students in grades six through twelve in the metropolitan Detroit area. Upon acceptance, students undergo training in the style of klezmer music and the band maintains a steady schedule of high caliber musical performances. Kidz Klez is currently under the direction of Alan Posner. Kidz Klez is a 501(c)3 organization. Web: (Alan Posner)

King Django's Roots & Culture Band, New Brunswick, NJ, is the originator of authentic Jewish Reggae. Reggae/Ska/Klezmer fusion with original material in Yiddish, Hebrew and English. Web: (King Django)

Klapman’s Klezmer Band is a professional, highly experienced Klezmer group specialising in the joyous dance and simcha music of the Eastern European, Yiddish, Israeli, and Sephardic traditions. Passionate, tuneful, exotic and yet very accessible, our music is very listenable, and can be both quiet background or irresistibly danceable! Since 1990 we have played hundreds of ceremonies, parties, and special events proudly offering a huge repertoire of horas, bulgars, freylachs, waltzes, ceremonial music, gems of the Yiddish theatre, Israeli popular songs and dance medleys, and Chassidic classics. All are played in traditional style by some of Toronto’s finest and most versatile dance band musicians. Our fine musicianship, evocative repertoire, authenticity, versatility, and affordability make Klapman’s Klezmer Band the unbeatable choice to bring genuine Yiddishkeit to your celebration! Contact: Klapman's Klezmer Band, 792 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 2M5. (416) 588-0854. Web: (Jordan Klapman)

Klazzj (formally known as Zmiros) was founded in 1981 by leader Yale Strom. The band is based in San Diego, CA and has traveld throughout the country playing its own unique kind of klezmer. This klezmer is an amalgamation of Yale's field research he has done among the Jews and Rom (Gypsies)in Eastern Europe and the Balkans for the last 18 years. This work has resulted in the band playing many klezmer tunes that have never been published or ever recorded. Yale also has the only copy of a klezmer book of some 100 tunes that was played by a klezmer from Stolin, Belarus before World War One. Along with these field recordings Klazzj also plays the standard klezmer/Yiddish repertoire which most people are familiar with. Klazzj also plays new klezmer compositions written by Yale that combine many jazz elements. Lastly Klazzj is rather unique in that instead of using the more standard trap-set drums, their percussionist uses all Afro-Cuban drums. Klazzj mixes klezmer with Afro-Cuban for a unique sound. The instrumentation of the band is violin, bass, guitar, sax/clarinet, vocals, and percussion. Tel: 917 923-7434. Web: (Yale Strom)

The Klazztones are now known as "Klezzence".

Klec, is based in Prague, the Czech Republic. "Klec" is Czech word for "Cage", it is spelled as KLETZ. Music is mostly traditional (but also original) texts are mostly our own (we are able to sing yiddish, but people could not understand us). Tel +420 777 605528. Web: (English-language version at: (Martin Smid).

The Kleine Klezmer Orchestra, Albany NY. Six piece band playing original arrangements of classic klezmer tunes in the capital region of New York State for 14 years. Personnel include accordion/keyboard, violin/mandolin, clarinet/saxophone, string bass, percussion and a dynamic vocalist. Tel: 518 465 4366. (David Ray)

The Kleiner Klezmer Orchestra is located in Schenectady, New York. This six piece group features: Adrienne Bowman on Vocals, "Dr. Klez" Dave Ray on violin, Dave Lambert on clarinet and saxophone, Mike Wicks on bass, Bill Jensen on drums and Dave Bates on accordian and piano. Widely recognized as the premier klezmer band of upstate New York, the Kleiner Klezmer Orchestra, has been featured at dozens of international festivals as well as famous venues such as Cafe Lena's in Saratoga. (Adrienne Bowman)

The Klez Dispensers, formed in 1998, is a seven-piece band, comprising clarinet, trumpet, violin, alto saxophone, piano, bass and drums. In concert, the band often includes a vocalist as well. The group has a diverse repertoire, spanning traditional klezmer, a wide variety of jazz styles, and avant-garde klezmer fusion. The band has performed at numerous concerts, synagogue fund-raisers and simkhes in the central New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia area. Their second album, "New Jersey Freylekhs.--> was released in 2004. For more information or bookings, please call (609) 497-4837. Web: (Adrian Banner)

The Klez Dispensers (CO) The Klez Dispensers is a traditional klezmer band based in Denver, Colorado led by Ben Cohen. The band has been playing since 1995, and as a traditional klezmer ensemble under the name the Klez Dispensers from about 1998. Available for simchas and all your klezmer needs in the Denver and Front Range areas. Web:

The Klez Katz, based in Seattle, WA, are dedicated to the preservation and encouragement of the rich musical heritage of the Yiddish diaspora. Their repertoire encompasses freilach, bulgar, sher, terkishe, khosidl, theater music, folk songs and even the odd klezmer-influenced jazz tune, performed on tenor and soprano saxes, trombone, flute, accordion, bass and drums. We happily play for all manner of simchas as well as special events, concerts, dances and festivals. The Klez Katz have been featured at a number of events in the Seattle area, including The Klez Katz have been featured at numerous events, including Seattle KlezFest, the Seattle Jewish Festival, the Wallingford Wurst Festival, Northwest Folklife, the Tilth Harvest Fair, and Seattle City Hall. The Klez Katz are klezmorim ready to play! For gigs and/or events, email.--> Web: (Jay Krulewitch)

Klez Project is a traditional klezmer band based in Ithaca, NY. Tel: 607-729-4817. Web: (Allen Lutins)

Klez Que C'est? Clarinetist Jeff Perlman is bringing klezmer back to Brooklyn's cafes, clubs, parties and streets—in various configurations from duos to quintets. Performers include Ben Holmes (trumpet - Klez Dispensers), Jeanette Lewicki (accordion - Max & Minka), Aron Gershman (Moldovan virtuoso accordionist), Adam Good (guitar & bass - Harmonium), Timothy Quigley (drums - Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar). Web: (Jeffrey Perlman)

"Oscillating between the roots of Klezmer and Modern music ; passing through improvisations, with some reminders and tributes to Movies and TV Soundtracks, The Klez Têtes Quartet from Paris is considered as one of the most creative Klezmer bands in France and probably in Europe. A concert of The Klez Têtes is rather a kind of musical show with refined arrangements & compositions, including short poetic tales inserted between the pieces. Through their music and their words, The Klez Têtes are communicating their passion for the Yiddish Culture with a great and refined sense of humour." —Le Monde de la Musique, Novembre 2008. Alain Karpati (clarinets, vocals, flutes, sampling, story-teller); Julien Blanchard (double bass); Thierry Mouton-Baranovsky (accordion); Jean-Marie Vandergooten (drums & percussions). Tel : 01 72 40 61 25 - Mobile : 06 210 250 43. Contact: 20 rue Vitry - 93100 Montreuil sous Bois. Web: (Alain Karpati)

Klez-thetics (or Klez-Jazz) is an offshoot of Klezmokum.--> the klezmer, Sephardic, Balkan jazz group put together by composer/pianist Burton Greene back in 1989. Klez-thetics is focused on Jewish and other Semitic folk music that lends itself to the swinging qualities of jazz. The material also has that "Balkan Swing”quality—compositions in odd time signatures like 9/8 ,10/8, 11/8 etc. This has been felt especially since the addition of East European clarinetist, tenor saxophonist Akos Laki to the group. The emphasis here is in extended improvisations and is a quartet or quintet, instrumental music without vocals (different than Klezmokum which features the vocals). The musicians are: Akos Laki (Budapest, Hungary), clarinet, tenor sax; Roberto Haliffi (Tripoli, Libya), drums and N. African percussion; Larry Fishkind (New York), tuba; Burton Greene (Chicago), piano or keyboard; Perry Robinson (New York), clarinets (Guest artist). Klez-thetics has recently recorded a new CD entitled "Calistrophy" which consists of new compositions of Burton Greene together with his interpretations of folklore music from Hungary and Romania, and Hassidic sources. Web: (Burton Greene).

Klez-X (formerly "The San Francisco Klezmer Experience") is on the vanguard of new Jewish music. This phenomenal group of klezmer virtuosi is "the hottest source for klezmer" says the San Francisco Chronicle. Founded by Davka violinist Daniel Hoffman in 1996, the SFKE mines the rich depths of klezmer, Yiddish folk and art song, and modern jazz to create a brilliantly original sound, still rooted in the bed-rock of Yiddish culture. Based in the SF Bay-Area, the birthplace of the 1970's klezmer revival and home to one of the country's most progressive and fertile music scenes, the SFKE boasts an all-star roster of highly versatile and innovative musicians. Their groundbreaking work includes new compositions, fascinating reinterpretations of traditional pieces, breathtaking improvisations, effervescent vocal work, and modernist settings of 20th century Yiddish literature by poets such as Moishe-Leyb Halpern and Avraham Sutzkever. The SFKE performs internationally at numerous music festivals, including the Ashkenaz Festival of New Yiddish Culture in Toronto, the SF Jazz Festival, Germany's prestigious Schleiswig-Holstein Festival, and with the San Francisco Symphony at their Millennium Gala celebration. The SFKE has also performed with the acclaimed Yiddish singer and conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas, who says of the SFKE "This extraordinary group has absolutely captivated my imagination, knocked my socks off - what more can I say?" The band has two albums as the San Francisco Klezmer Experience: "Maximum Freilach," and "Zing.--> (1999) and a third album as Klez-X, "Harbst", 2004. Tel: (510) 658-4528. Web:". (Daniel Hoffman)

Klezadelphia is a band comprising of Philadelphia's top Klezmer, Yiddish Theater and Jazz musicians. Repertoire consists of traditional favorites interspersed with exciting re-interpretations of the classics. Instrumentation consists of keyboard, tuba, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute and vocalist/guitarist Sally Mitlas. Tel: 215-885-8888 EX: 1. Web: (Sally Mitlas)

KlezamirKlezamir, a Massachusetts-based Klezmer band, had a hot debut CD, Cooking with Tante Barbara (1995) and a lovely country-ish klezmer follow-up in 1998, "Back in the Shtetl Again", followed by "Der Bloyfogy of Happiness.--> (2001) and "Warm Your Hands" (2007), in time for the band's 20th anniversary. Klezamir consists of: Clarinetist/Mandolinist/Guitarist/Singer Jim Armenti (well-known in rock and roll, country, and R&B circles); Pianist/Flautist/Accordionist Amy Rose (who wows audiences with her classical, latin, and jazz interpretations); Bassist Joe Blumenthal (who performs bluegrass and Balkan folk music, as well); Drummer Keith Levreault; and Trombonist/Pianist/Singer Jason Moses (Afro Beat fanatic and formerly of the Klezmaniacs. Klezamir's rock, folk and jazz-influenced style brings new life to traditional klezmer music. Klezamir also offers a tasty selection of rock, pop, jazz, dance instruction and games for parties. For Booking and Other Information, call Manager Amy Rose at (413) 253-3831. Web: (Amy Rose)

Music performed by The KlezBros, Salt Lake City, UT, is reminiscent of traditional klezmer music of Eastern European Jews, featuring clarinet, accordion, mandolin and percussion. We released our first CD, "Klez Is More", the end of 2003 (available from our website or Several audio clips are available on both sites. Tel: 801-699-BROS (2767). Web: (David Asman)

Klezcentricity, one of the Middle Atlantic's premiere klezmer ensembles, sadly notes the passing of our dear bassist/cellist/friend/musical conscience Richard Seidel in November, 2015. We go on featuring the core duo of well-known klezmer clarinetist David Julian Gray and accordionist Wendy Morrison. Tel: 301-589-4847. Web:> (David Julian Gray)

In their program the Cologne, Germany-based Klezcetera (formerly "Tango & Klezmer Quarter) follow the path of the jewish roving musicians from its eastern european roots in the last centuries into the New World. The imaginative instrumental arrangements focus on the virtuoso klezmer fiddle. Their songs breathe the poetic power of the yiddish language. The musicians' first tango was restrained and yet spirited, strange and at the same time strangely familiar, fresh like the foam on a glass of Cologne brewed beer, the "Kölsch", dirty like the floods of the river Rhine. Different streams flow together also in the klezmermusic of the group. Stunning are their musical roamings across the borders of the genre. Archaic elements alternate with avantgardistic ones, ritual elements with the yiddish musical, tango with klezmer. Klezcetera produces contradictions without dissolving them. Web: (Tilo Erlenbusch).

KlezFactor has been rocking Toronto since 2004! They've played numerous venues, including the Ashkenaz Festival in 2006, Toronto City Hall, and The Rex, Toronto's longest running Jazz club. Led by composer/saxophonist/clarinetist Mike Anklewicz, the reformed band features founding member Ali Berkok (piano, keyboards), as well as newcomers Jaro Dabrowski (guitar), Dave MacDougall (drums), Ben Plotnick (violin), and Michael Smith (bass). In early 2006, KlezFactor released their debut CD, "The Golem of Bathurst Manor.--> to rave reviews, followed by Klezmachine in 2008. Both CDs are available on CD Baby and iTunes! Web:> MySpace: (Mike Anklewicz)

Klezfiesta Buenos Aires Band aims to be the band of klezmer music of Buenos Aires, a reference in Jewish music in Argentina, and consists of eleven musicians, including a singer, who perform the most varied instruments in a wide repertoire of traditional Jewish music. This orchestra has a distinctly Jewish stamp, which is perceived to hear both the influence of American klezmer, as the ingredients that are inspired by the European shtetl, while local ingredients have inherited from the very large Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe, arrived in the country for more than a century ago. This musical group was created to become the official band of EMMKA / Klezfiesta; Worldwide Klezmer Music Festival in Argentina, and indeed has already debuted and performed in its editions, and some of the fans call it the "Conservatory" of Argentina. Bookings, Tel: +54-11- 4826-4918 / Mobile: +54911-5388-0966. . (Pedro Banchik)

The Klezical Tradition is a New York/New England band that performs traditional klezmer as well as standards and classical for simkhes. Instrumentation includes piano/ accordion/flute/dance-leading (one person), clarinet, violin, drums, bass, vocal.Clients particularly enjoy our stolling and dance-leading. Our concerts and workshops are both entertaining and informative. Award-winning CD "Family Portrait.--> available. Ask for a demo for either a concert or simkhe/simcha. Contact person: Adrianne Greenbaum, Music Director, Phone: 203-374-0607. Web: (Adrianne Greenbaum)

Klezlectic specializes in klezmer music, but also mixes in American, Latin and Balkan music for a very lively brew of truly sweet genres. This Pittsburgh-based group dazzles and swings their way through every performance for fans of all ages. Tel: 412 735 5973. Web: (Janice Coppola)

KlezMaar, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is a Dutch amateur Klezmer group, playing klezmer more or less the traditonal way. KlezMaar is een groep van momenteel 4 personen, die Klezmer muziek op eigen wijze spelen, bewerken en ten gehore te brengen. De naam KlezMaar is uit te leggen als: klez-maar ("shpiel klezmer, shpiel!") als ook klets-maar: praat maar door (als we als muziekaal behang fungeren), en tenslotte: laat maar kletsen (we trekken ons niet te veel aan van commentaar) Web:

Klezmajeur is a klezmer ensemble from noord-brabant in the Netherlands. We are with 4 people and play klezmer with some gypsy influence. We have performed in theatres, synagogues, weddings and usually end up dancing with the audience. Web: (Erwin Engelsma)

The Klezmakers are an eight-piece Klezmer band in the San Francisco bay area. With a repertoire encompassing Eastern European dances, Yiddish theater tunes, and traditional Israeli folk songs, the Klezmakers have something for everybody. The sound is full and rich: a melodic ensemble of clarinet, violin, flute/piccolo, and accordion; backed by a solid rhythm section of guitar, keyboard, bass/cello, and drums. And our vocalist packs quite a punch! Together, we create a joyous and heartfelt sound that echoes the Old World, while still making today's audiences get up and dance. In true Silicon Valley fashion, we use a small garage for our "headquarters", and when we rehearse on Sundays, the neighbors sometimes stop to listen! We've played at weddings, synagogues, and backyard parties. We'd be delighted to bring our music to your event. Tel: 650-365-9477. Web: (Alan Rappoport)

The KlezMan Band is new to Klezmer and new to Panama City, FL. Starting small with a core of musicians drawn from The Orchestra of St. Andrew Bay we can provide a band of various sizes to meet the clients needs. Tel: 850-722-6688. (Kenneth R. Handschuh)

Klezmania (Melbourne, Australia). Formed in 1993, the band is Freydi Mrocki (vocals and percussion), David Breytman (bayan), Lionel Mrocki (clarinet, guitar, didgeridoo and vocals) and David Krycer, on double bass, guitar, vocals and harmonica. Our first CD in 1995 was 'Oystralia'. Among the more 'regular' klezmer and Yiddish numbers, it includes a song called 'The Tale of the Kangaroo Klezmer'. This song won first place in the Australiana Section of an Australian Songwriter's Association Competition. We followed it up in 2000 with "The Black Cat." Our most recent CD "Shmoozin'.--> was released in June 2008. We've been flying the flag for Klezmer and Yiddish at concert appearances, simchas and TV & radio work in Melbourne and (occasionally) interstate. Web:> Tel/fax: (613) 9528 3331. E-mail Klezmania.

Klezmania on the Gulf, North Port, Florida, plays Klezmer and Jewish music with American jazz standards mixed in, we WILL make you swoon and we WILL make you dance! Tel: 941-525-3406. Web: (Elisa Miro)

Ben Brussell's KLEZMANIA!TM is a modern representation of klezmer music. We were founded in May 1989 in San Francisco by Ben Brussell. As the group evolved, Brussell brought in players from a variety of backgrounds and expanded the repertoire to encompass the klezmer musical experience -- and beyond. Much of KLEZMANIA!TM's improvisation is based on Middle Eastern and Eastern European folk idioms and is considered a continual work in progress. The influence of Western classical and American jazz music reflects the fusion process that continues with modern klezmer musicians. Brussell refers to the format as definitive world music. A music that inherently lends itself to the creativity of what has been and what can be, possessing the spirit of the past and passion of human artistic expression. KLEZMANIA!TM is managed from Brussell's Los Angeles' office and frequently performs up and down the West Coast. For Further Information, please call 310-640-1808 in Los Angeles or 415-239-4670 in San Francisco. The band has released an album called Klezmania!(tm) / the Wailing Wall (reviewed 11/23/95). Web: (Ben Brussell)

[Summer 1996] There was born this summer a bouncing baby klezmer group in the great city of Boston, MA, called Klezmania (Boston). It's members are all students at the New England Conservatory of Music who met last semester in Hankus Netsky's "Yiddish Music Performance Styles" class. We're putting together our repertoire and are looking to make everyone in this city get up and dance like crazy. Contact: Tim Connell, 3 Aldie St., Boston, MA 02134. (617) 787-6299, or sen. [Note, there is also a San Francisco band, Klezmania, and a San Francisco klezmerfest, "Klezmer Mania". ari]

Tel: 781-595-8705.. E-mail: (Ken Richmond)


The Klezmaniacs are amateur musicians who play the nigunim (melodies) of the shtetlach (little towns) of the old country. We play "Fiddler on the Roof" type of music, but the real, the echtige thing, not ersatz broadway. If you are having a party, any kind of simcha in the south SF bay area, and are planning on hiring a professional band -- do so. We don't want to take work away from honest musicians -- or even dishonest musicians. But if you aren't planning on having anyone -- we're better (though we eat more.) what do you have to lose (besides your hearing?). Web: (Fiddler Zvi)

The Klezmaniaxx is a Klezmer brass band from Erlangen, Germany. The band members are Karen Harder (clarinets and saxophones), Rudolf Harder (sousaphone and helikon), Peter "cerebro" Riedel (drums and paykel), Petro Grimm (trumpet) and Udo Schwendler (accordion, trombone, piccolo flute, ...). The band was founded in 1998 and plays traditional tunes for dancing, arranged for brass ensemble. They play at concerts, weddings, street parties and at the "Klezmer Tants", which they hold monthly. Tel: +49 9131 208870. Web: (Rudolf Harder)

KlezmArt is based in Dresden (Germany), playing klezmer music and other music from the eastern europe. The pieces of our kapelye are traditional dance music. Web: (Ekkehard Riedel)

The Klezmatics are my current favorite performing band. This is klezmer that is wonderfully and fully and exciting "of this year." What is most amazing is how far out over the edge the band can go while still being, unmistakably, klezzish something infused with liberal doses of John Zorn, social awareness, a damn good choice of material, and fun. The current lineup includes Lisa Gutkin on fiddle, Lorin Sklamberg on accordion and vocals, Frank London on trumpet, Paul Morrissett, bass, David Licht on drums, and Matt Darriau on clarinet, saxes and kaval. Albums include "Jews with horns.--> 1995, Possessed.--> 1997, an amazing collaboration with Chava Alberstein, "Di Krenitse (The Well)", 1998, and most recently, Rise Up! Shteyt oyf! (2003), all on Rounder (USA) and Piranha (outside USA). [ari] Contact: Klezmatics, 11 Sterling Place, #5D, Brooklyn, NY 11217 USA. Tel/Fax: 01 718 783 0946. Web:

Klezmatize, London, UK. Internationally acclaimed klezmer/jewish music clarinetist, Emma Stiman, has started a new walkabout/meet and greet act of a high quality for events such as jewish weddings, barmitzvahs and corporate events. We are ideal for the afternoon reception part of a party, offering a high standard of live, acoustic music. Specialising in playing for dancing and leading dance workshop, we offer an interactive musical experience for all functions. Web: (Emma Stiman)

KlezMechaye! is a traditional, heimishe five piece band, including vocalist. Based in West Palm Beach, FL, we perform familiar Yiddish theater and folk songs as well as some obscure material, Israeli music and American tunes as well. We also lead Israeli folk dances at parties when requested. Tel: 561-753-6864. (Cantor Karen Braunstein)

The Klezmedics are a synagogue-based klezmer group originally started about 15 yrs ago in Homewood, Illinois, out of Temple B'nai Yehuda/Beth Sholam. We play various functions in our immediate area and in the mid west. We are comprised mostly of MDs but not exclusively. We are under the able direction of Jim Mollin. Our CD is entitled Just For Fun. Tel: 708-891-5160. Web: (Joel Cahan)

Klezmek is a five piece dutch klezmerband based in Amsterdam. Line up: clarinet/tarogato, guitar, accordeon/voice, drums and tuba. Web: (English/Dutch).. (Hans Mekel)

The Klezmen, West Hartford, CT, play Klezmer music, and offer other styles as well, i.e., jazz,pop, and standards. We specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, special events, and concerts. Our format is flexible, based on what the client wants. Tel: 860-232-6126. Web: (Joel Schlank)

Usually known as Banda Klezmer Brasil.


The Klezmer Band is a young, versatile and talented London-based quartet specialising in traditional jewish folk. Tel: 07903 997 591. Web: (Raphael Hogarth)

The Klezmer Battery (Rochester, NY), with Adam Berkowitz on (Clarinet), Tamar Bloomfield (piano), Steve Solook (drums) play traditional Klezmer with a contemporary sound. Tel: 732 729 7434. (Adam Berkowitz)

The Klezmer Boys of Los Angeles, California, play Jewish, Klezmer and Israeli music, for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Tel: (818) 706-8765. Web: (Yosi Levy)

Founded by Ali Baum, the Klezmer Coins, Bloomington, Indiana, features eight Indiana University students. The band includes an oboe, clarinet, violin, banjo, piano, accordion, trombone, guitar, and a female vocalist. They specialize in traditional Klezmer music with an emphasis on dance music. The band also has a wide range of Israeli music for Israeli cultural events. The Klezmer Coins will perform for almost any type of function in central and southern Indiana and is currently looking for gigs. Its a guaranteed good time! If you are interested in joining the band or would like to contact the manager for more information please call Ali Baum at 812- 219-3071. (Ali Baum).

Aaron Kula's Klezmer Company Orchestra (KCO) has received critical acclaim for its fusion of ethnic jazz orchestrations and exotic melodies that defy classification. KCO features accomplished jazz and classical musicians who create a multi-dimensional musical idiom that relies on both written orchestrations and improvisation. KCO is an innovative out-of-the-box ensemble and Kula’s cutting-edge compositions are based on ancient melodies from around the globe that reflect cultural fusion. KCO is comprised of 9 core soloists, a vocalist and a string section. KCO was founded by Kula in 1997. All of his compositions are based on original melodies from the music archives at Florida Atlantic University Libraries in Boca Raton, where Kula is on the faculty and KCO is the professional ensemble-in-residence. “We literally take the music from shelf to stage to studio,” said Kula. For more information on Florida Atlantic University Libraries visit> Web: (Aaron Kula)

The Klezmer Connection, specializing in both Jewish and American music, performs both as an orchestra and an a cappella group for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, benefits and concerts. They are a uniquely dual repertoire group,performing throughout the country, with a full range of both Jewish music (Klezmer, Israeli and Yiddish) and all types of American music, and ranging up to 10 pieces.. Tel: 888-828-8778. Web: (Michele Levine)

Klezmer Connection/Austria, was founded in 1999, in Salzburg, Austria. The five musicians play original compositions based on the traditional Jewish melodies of East-Central Europe, jiddish and hebrew songs in new arrangements. The musicians are: Georg Winkler (clarinets), Bernie Rothauer (guitar/percussion), Marion Ellmer (vocals/guitar), Simone Klebel (vocals) and Peter Aradi (bass). The interesting homepage includes some articles about klezmer, jiddish ... from my dissertation. Web: (Georg Winkler)

The Klezmer Conservatory Band is one of the oldest, and most fun of the Klezmer Revival bands. I've had great pleasure listening to, and in reviewing their albums over the last decade or so. [ari] I have reviewed many of their albums, including their most recent albums: Live! The 13th Anniversary Concert (1993) and Dancing in the Aisles (1997), Dance me to the end of love. (2000), and A Taste of Paradise. 2003. There are also some online articles and concert reviews. Web:

Klezmer East, formed in South Florida by clarinetist Paul Green and keyboard artist/arranger Bob Weiner, is dedicated to performing both traditional Klezmer classics from Europe and more contemporary Jewish pieces from the United States. The style reflects the extensive club date experience of the group's members. American popular music is part of the "Songbook" just as 19th Century European dance music was part of the "Songbook" of the early Klezmorim. Klezmer East believes that it is now all part of the American Klezmer tradition. Pulsating energy and Klezmer spirit with every tune, Klezmer East celebrates the heart and soul of this irrepressible genre that has audiences singing (and sometimes even dancing) along! And for those who are not familiar with the genre, Paul Green and his bandmembers offer informal but enlightening details about the forms, rhythms and origins of the tunes they play. They also share humorous stories about the music and the old Klezmer players, anecdotes that have been passed down through the ages. Klezmer East is a popular fixture in the communities, houses of worship, libraries and other venues on both the east and west coasts of Florida. Let Klezmer East liven up your next event or concert series! For booking and information. (Lisa Dolinger)

Klezmer Express. See "Magnolia Klezmer."

Klezmer Flamenco, based in Bristol, UK, comprises Julian Rowlands (Violin and Vocals), Kevin Byrne (Flamenco Guitar), and with recent addition Pete Judge on trumpet restoring the proper noise of klezmer heterophony. Core repertoire includes traditional klezmer, chassidic and flamenco musics, and extends to Yiddish song, Sephardic, Andalusi, electro-acoustic and jazz. Tel: +44 (0)117 330 9940. Web: (Julian Rowlands)

Led by local musician, occasional hazzan, and UMichigan physician-researcher Neil Alexander, the "Klezmer Fusion Band" now presents an alternative to the typical ensembles on the bar mitzvah/wedding/anniversary circuit. The music is derived from three traditional sources; Yiddish/klezmer (including folk and theater music); Israeli/Hebrew (including contemporary, folk, and dance tunes); and Religious (including music from Chabad/Hassidic, liturgical, and biblical sources). These traditional and ethnic instruments are backed by a professional jazz rhythm section, including keyboards, bass and drums. Jazz, latin, caribbean and rock and roll rhythms enliven the traditional tunes with a contemporary, "danceable" feel. This is what we call "klezmer fusion", the bridging between the Old World and New World sounds. Some songs are original compositions in Hebrew or English. New lyrics with Jewish theme and content are added to popular rock and roll tunes. The Klezmer Fusion Band has just released (8/98) their first CD-tape, featuring their special brand of Jewish celebratory music. The recording includes Yiddish/klezmer standards such as Russian Sher and Sheyn Vi Di Levone/Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn. Original tunes from Jewish liturgy and the Bible are included, some with a Mediterranean- Yemenite or contemporary folk feel. The band is also known for parodies of famous rock tunes, including "I felt it through the Pesach (Passover) wine" (to the tune of I Heard it Through the Grapevine). Contact Neil Alexander, 734-662-7465 for bookings and CD-cassette order. Web:

Klezmer Juice is a Los Angeles-based Klezmer quintet that offers fresh interpretations of traditional tunes, such as Cigarrettes, Zemer Atik, Donna Donna, among others. The original and souful sound of the Klezmer Clarinet captures the heart of a new generation of fans. Bandleader and clarinet/sax player, Gustavo Bulgach, who was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, learned Klezmer music from his family at a young age. His emotional tone adds to the original sound of the traditional Klezmer Clarinet. It is sometimes referred to as the "Laughing-Crying Yiddish soul". Gustavo elaborated on each one of the tunes to create a new and contemporary arrangements. Their debut CD "Actions speak louder than words.--> received critical acclaim worldwide and is currently being played on World Music radio stations. It is available on> New Line Cinema cast the band as on-camera performers in the upcoming feature film, "The Wedding Crashers", starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Walken, released in 2005. Their unique version of "Hava Nagila" was selected to be included in the movie soundtrack. In 2007 the band placed online a tribute to LIVIU LIBRESCU, the teacher that got killed in the Virginia Tech murders, the Librescu Tango. (Gustavo Bulgach)

band posterLa fusion de ses 5 éléments vous offre une carte postale venue du froid! C'est un paysage sauvage et changeant : une éruption de bonne humeur; des geysers d'inventivité; des fjords de poésie; la lande propice aux légendes.... Mais attention !!! Klezmer Kaos est avant tout un volcan en activité, d'où dévale sur les pentes arides de la scène, un mélange d'énergie, d'humour, de joie, de mélancolie et de folie !!! The Story begins in 2007 when Heida Bjorg, an Icelandic clarinetist facinated by the klezmer revival, settles in Paris and decides to form a band. Klezmer Kaos was born, a chaos which combines musical influences with a mosaic of unique talents and blends Icelandic folksongs with jazz, classical virtuosity and the sound of rock music. Diversity clearly typifies the group's repertoire, whith ranges from traditional klezmer music to original compositions. Web: . (Heiða Björg Jóhannsdóttir)

Nashville, Tennessee's Klezmer Kidz is a 7-piece band of young musicians, aged 12 to 16, who play Jewish "roots" music. Along with their founder and director, Nashville producer and guitarist Jim Prendergast, they draw their repertoire from deep in the heart of Eastern European musical tradition. In much the same way that Bluegrass musicians have kept alive their age-old Anglo-Celtic music, this young all-acoustic band has revived and energized the repertoire of the 19 th Century "klezmorim" (travelling groups of Jewish musicians who played for weddings, celebrations and events for the nobility). Tel: (615) 386-3977. Web: (Isaac Miller)

The Klezmer Kings is a popular Jewish Israeli klezmer band based in Los Angeles, California. The band's sound is a mix of klezmer, Israeli and Latin music. The Klezmer Kings perform at Jewish festivals, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Tel: 818 - 370 5599. Web: MySpace: (Joe El)

Klezmer Klub, London, UK, formed in the early 90's by a group of Jewish and non-Jewish musicians, play an exciting mix of klezmer dances and songs, imbued with the energy and enthusiasm that is our trademark. We are available for folk clubs, oommunity events, intercultural festivals and private celebrations of all kinds and offer klezmer music, dancing led and taught by a dance leader, and Yiddish songs. Vivi Lachs, our singer, has collected her own unique repertoire of songs, which cover a wide variety of themes: love songs, political anthems and union songs, music hall comedy, songs from film and theatre, and songs about working class life in London. We have two CDs, Four Weddings And A Barmitzvah (1998). Whitechapel, mayn Vaytshep (2009) is a collection of songs and tunes with a strong London seam running through it. The set of Yiddish songs brings to life the characters, sites and sounds of the turn-of-the-century Jewish East End. They are filled with the names of places, people, activities, feelings and politics of what was once a vibrant Yiddish society. Tel: Vivi Lachs, 020 8883 4974. Web: MySpace: (Gabriel Ellenberg)

The Klezmer Kollectiv were born in the Bohemian heart of Cardiff's night-life. This eight-piece instrumental combo are made up of students and ex-students of the Royal Welsh College of music and Drama. Their arrangements hark back to 1920's New York, the Golden Age of Klezmer and the raw energy of the playing of musicians such as Naftule Brandwein and Dave Tarras. Available for bookings across England and Wales, please get in touch. Web: (Adam Cross)

The Klezmer Kwartet, based in the Los Angeles, CA area, consists of violin, dumbec, piano and harmonica/male vocalist. We have performed at a Beverly Hills chapter of B'Nai Brith, Cafe Europa (Holocaust Survivors' group), Jewish Home For the Aging (both Fountanview and Grancell Village) and Valley Storefront, as well as for ORT America. Tel: 818 983-6875. (Shmuel Kohn)

Led by noted klezmer clarinetist Margot Leverett.--> The Klezmer Mountain Boys bring together an allstar lineup of top musicians from both klezmer and bluegrass. Interweaving klezmer with rural American string music creates a tapestry of unending surprises. Blending the haunting beauty of a lost Russian melody with an Appalachian waltz, creating irresistible dance medleys of reels and bulgars, the Klezmer Mountain Boys invite you on an adventure of startling beauty, soulfulness and joy. Featuring: Barry Mitterhoff, mandolin; Marty Confurius, bass; Kenny Kosek, violin; Joe Selly, guitar; Margot Leverett, clarinet. Their first album, "Margot Leverett & the Klezmer Mountain Boys. was released in 2003, followed up by "Second Avenue Square Dance. in 2008. Tel: (718) 545-9404. Web: (Margot Leverett)

Klezmer Nova (formerly known as "Orient Express Moving Shnorers") is a klezmer band based in Paris, France. Created in 1995 as a brass band, it has evolved since 1998 into an 8 piece orchestra which fuses klezmer with modern jazz. Klezmer Nova is one of the leading french klezmer bands. We mostly play concerts, jazz and world music festivals in France and abroad. Our repertoire is constituted of modern readings of klezmer standards and of compositions which feature intricate, explosive arrangements mixed with highly creative improvisations. The current line-up is : Claude Brisset: el. bass; Philippe Dallais: drums; Guillaume Humery: clarinet and bass clarinet; Olivier Hutman: piano; Matthias Mahler: trombone; Yann Martin: trumpet and flugelhorn; Michael Nick: violin; Pierre Wekstein: saxophones and musical direction. The musicians come from many backgrounds - jazz, classical , european improvised music , dance.... In 2003 we released "Delicatessen", distributed by Philips / Universal. Web: (Claude Brisset)

The Klezmer Quartett Heidelberg, based in Heidelberg, Germany, was started in 1999 by the Teichert brothers. The ensemble plays mostly traditional klezmer tunes in a conteporary European and Amarican klezmer style but also reaches back to the Eastern Europe style from the last centuries. Instruments: clarinett, violin, guitar, double-bass, accordion, trumpet, mandolin. (CDs available) Tel: Roland Döringer +49 (0) 6221 – 862 126. Web: Delicatessen", distributed by Philips / Universal. Web: (Florian Scharnofske)

The Klezmer R’s was founded in 2000 (Budapest, Hungary). Because of the many-coloured arrangement, their impetuous music tells not only the European but also the Russian, the Hebrew, the New-Orleans and the modern klezmer to the audience. They consider it important because the beauty of a music is reside in its fullness and many-sidedness. Klezmer R's steadily makes dancehouses with Machol Halachavot Dance Group, they play all around Hungary. The band was invited several times to the Jewish Summer Festival, to the Sziget Festival Budapest (2001, 2003, 2004) and Budapest Plage - Main Stage (2004). In 2001 (when the band was only one year old!) Klezmer R's won the "most talented band" prize at Kapolcs-Valley of Arts talent competition! Write: H-1064 Budapest, Izabella utca 73, Hungary. Tel: +3670-296-94-42. Web: (Robert Rick)

The Klezmer Rebs, Wellington, New Zealand, are an 8 piece klezmer band based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have been going since 2002 and have 3 CDs available. Web: (David Weinstein)

The members of Klezmer Sefardi, Madrid, Spain, are two Christian brothers from Bulgaria, and a Christian from Spain, a Muslim from Sudan and an Argentine Jew of East European origin, working together to tackle a repertoire that is apparently remote, yet close in its message. The result is early Jewish music originating from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Music that echoes the uprooting of the Sephardis Jews and embraces the sounds peculiar to the Ashkenazis Jews. We have imagined a fictitious but realistic stage, set around the Danube, porous limit of both Jewish sub-cultures. A world of musical and instrumental contrasts: melodies with a hint of the Arabian played on the ud, kaval, qanun and darbuka to the south of the river basin versus sounds that are easily confused with the Gypsies, Ukrainians and Oriental Europeans to the north, on the accordion, violin and clarinet. Both with a powerful, intangible bond in vocal and instrumental expression. We did not want to settle for a mere experiment in fusion and for that reason our CD (PNEUMA PN-810) and the live performance hinges around a specific historical and social context: a wedding between members of the two Jewish communities at the end of the 19th century, when both sub-cultures were at their height, before the Holocaust, the birth of Israel and globalisation. Repertoire includes: Miserlou (Greece. Sephardic with Yiddish lyrics), Dame parás (Bulgaria.Sephardic with Ladino lyrics), Di sapozhkelech (East Europe. Ashkenazi with Yiddish lyrics), Las esuegras de agora (Turkey. Sephardic with Ladino lyrics), Mileva rachenitza (Bulgaria. Folk. Instrumental), La rosa se enflorese (Turkey. Sephardic. Instrumental), Lecha dodi (Bosnia. Sephardic para liturgical piyyut with Hebrew lyrics), Tantzn, tantzn yidelekh (East Europe. Ashkenazi. Instrumental), The Bridegrooms' dances (Transylvania, Rumania. Folk. Instrumental), Der alter bulgar (East Europe. Ashkenzai. Instrumental), Oy, qué casas tan hermosas (Bulgaria. Sephardic with Ladino lyrics), Sha Shtil! (East Europe. Ashkenazi with Yiddish lyrics), and Dem Rebns Tants (East Europe. Ashkenazi. Instrumental). Contact. (Jorge Rozemblum)

Klezmer South is now known as South of Delancey

The Klezmer Shpil Orchestra by Berl Portnoy was founded in 1991 in Petrozavodsk (Russia). Between 1992 and 1995 the orchestra traveled intensely, appearing at numerous festivals and concerts in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.In 1993 the Klezmer Shpil's first solo CD was produced and marketed in Finland. The orchestra's second recording was produced in Sweden in 1995.In 1996 the orchestra re-located to Israel, where it soon became a well-recognized feature of the local klezmer scene. Today the "Klezmer Shpil" orchestra is known not only in Israel but also around the world. It boasts multiple appearances at concerts, events, and other Jewish music venues. The "Klezmer Shpil" orchestra promotes traditional Klezmer music, Yiddish folksongs and the songs of the Yiddish theater.It features a number of the world-renown vocalists, including Lena Yaralova and Gera Sandler (Yiddish-Shpil Theatre, Israel), Cantor Pavel Roytman (Temple Beth Israel, Chicago, USA), Samuel Heilman and the Rayfer Sisters(Israel). Web: (Boris Portnoi)

The Klezmer Swingers, Ilford, Essex, UK, were founded 1994. We trace the influence of jewish music in 1890's Odessa on the development of the swing movement of Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman in the New York of the 1940's. Web: Tel: 0208 554 3076. (Wally Fields)

The Klezmer Tango Ensemble is a new ensemble based in Suny NY state University at Buffalo which formed to play Klezmer & Tango music. The ensemble features: singers, accordion, clarinet, trumpet, sax, trombon, strings, percussion, guitar, piano, and Tango dancers), singers, and dancers. For further information, pleas. (Moshe Shulman)

The Klezmer Three, Pembroke Pines, FL, consists of three versatile musicians: Richard Shapiro, Piano, keyboards, accordion, vocals; Jamie Bronsztien, Clarinet; Mordechai Monis, Drums. We are working on a more contemporary klezmer sound. Which will be showed on our website. A video will be available with dancers. Tel: 954-684-9565 or 954-435-5531. Web: (Richard Shapiro)

Klezmer Triptych is a German klezmertrio from the Black Forest (Freiburg) playing traditionals as in the style of Tarras and Brandwein as well as modern klezmermusic in the style of Kol Simcha/Worldquintet and Giora Feidman. Clarinet/bassclarinet/saxes: Annemarie Brucker, piano: Karsten Kramer, guitar/percussion: Joachim Storl. Tel: +49/761/4098446. Web: (Karsten Kramer)

The Klezmer with Class Band, based in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in making Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding a spectacular one by enhancing the Jewish music portion of the event. We play all types of music from Jazz, Classical, Klezmer to Liturgical music. Tel: 215.677.0572. Web: (Mark Sobol)

Klezmer Zavel provides Klezmer music for Central New York State and beyond. Ryan Zawel: trombone; Joe Frusch, violin; Bob Alexander, accordion. (Ryan Zawel)

Klezmer4, São Paolo, Brazil, was the only brazilian band representing Brazil in the KLEZFIESTA 2008-International Klezmer festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Klezmer4 plays jewish music from the 4 corners of the world, with 4 musicians and in over 4 diferent idioms (yiddish, hebrew, ladino, aramaic, english and portuguese). Tel: (brazil) 5511-3159-1997 / skype: dastein, edy.borger Web:

KlezmeramaKlezmerama is a 5-piece band out of San Francisco that performs both fast-paced danceable and sweetly nostalgic Klezmer tunes for weddings, parties and Bar Mitzvahs. Tel: (650) 359-0903. Web: (Lara Garner)

The Klezmerantics are based in Haarlem (Holland). This band plays klezmermusic with the motto :"To make a party is to have a party" Web: (Quido Put)

Klezmerata Fiorentina, based in Florence, is a quartet of soloists of Italy's leading Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino reinterpreting old, traditional music of the Ukrainian Jews, family heritage of the Klezmerata's founder, violinist Igor Polesitsky. During four years of its existence the group performed its version of unwritten klezmer chamber music on the major stages in Russia, Europe, Japan and United States. Zubin Mehta said about Klezmerata: "… it's not only great entertainment—it's great music making!" Tel: +39 347 3789601. Web: (Igor Polesitskyi)

Klezmerfest! celebrates the great tradition of Yiddish instrumental music-from the shtetls of the old country to the contemporary sounds of today's Lower East Side revival. Freylachs, bulgars, doynas and chassidls, along with old favorites from the days of Yiddish theater make for an enjoyable, heart warming and foot stomping evening of music for the whole family. Klezmerfest! has been delighting audiences for years at such venues as the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the Eldridge Street Project, the Knitting Factory, and synagogues and schools throughout the Northeast. Their latest CD is entitled "Party Music". Klezmerfest! is well know for their award winning "Klez for Kidz program". The group is made up of leading players from the New York City scene: Greg Wall, clarinet (from Hasidic New Wave and other downtown projects); Jordan Hirsch , trumpet (of the famous Neshoma Orchestra); accordionist Zev Zions (you've seen him on Andy Statman's instructional video); bassist Brian Glassman (of Neshama Carlebach's band and Statman) and the masterful drummer Aaron Alexander (Hasidic New Wave, Klezmatics.--> Frank London's Klezmer Brass Band.--> Mazeltones). Let Klezmerfest bring you back to the days when klezmer was Jewish wedding music, and Jewish wedding music was............. PARTY MUSIC! That's also the name of the band's first CD, "Party Music," released in 2002. Tel: (973) 740-8888. Web: (Zev Zions)

Klezmerica resides in "The Land Of The Frozen Chozen" (Minnesota), but we've performed all over the U.S., from Miami to San Diego to New York City, as well as at the International Klezmer Festival in Safed, Israel. We have performed two original Joe Vass musicals ("Gershwin The Klezmer" and Mishegass!, also in theaters around the country. In concert and at special events, we draw on klezmer, jazz and classical traditions to create our own contemporary American expression of Jewish music. Along the way, we've released five CD's, including our most recent, "The World Hangs In The Balance" (2004). All are available on our website. Tel: (651) 774-7611. Web: (Joe Vass)

My name is Laszlo Szirtes, I'm the leader of Klezmerissimo. It is a Budapester, professional klezmer band, which is well known all over Hungary. We have our own website, you can see it on (Hungarian & English; works with IE only). (Laszlo Szirtes)

Klezmeritis plays an infectious blend of Jewish celebration and dance music fused with middle-eastern, gypsy and jazz influences. This violin/accordion/bass trio from Melbourne, Australia is led by fiddler Ernie Gruner who travelled to USA and Europe to learn from Alicia Svigals, attend KlezKamp West and Cracow Jewish festival and catch up with other klezmer enthusiasts. Ernie has given workshops around Australia introducing musicians and public to klezmer. Other musicians are middle-eastern specialist Phil Carroll on accordion and ney and Ron Hansen on double bass. Their selftitled Cd, "Klezmeritis.--> was successfully launched at the 2000 National Folk Festival. In 2003 Klezmeritis recorded for "The Fig Tree" CD along with Klezmania and other Jewish and Greek musicians. Klezmeritis plays for a range of simchas and community functions as well as concerts and festivals. Cd is available by contacting Ernie. Contact: Ernie Gruner phone/fax: +61 3 9386 7108. Web: (Ernie Gruner)

Klezmerkaba was formed in the summer of 2008 to bring the Klezmer sound to the Tucson community. Klezmerkaba is a ten-piece band comprised of a dynamic group of musicians with various backgrounds in music ranging from semi-professional musicians to professional music educators. The group includes sax, clarinet, trumpet, violin, tuba, drums, trombone, guitar/mandolin and keyboard. Vocalists and other musicians sit in periodically as well. It’s an upbeat sound of Jewish Klezmer music, fun and fresh. (Mark Ross)

Klezmeroke. We hail from Lansing, MI. Not a Jew in the bunch, but we enjoy things klezmer and Eastern Euro. Line-up is guitar, fiddle, tenor sax, drums & fretless bass. Our short songlist includes tunes by John Zorn, Hasidic New Wave. Web: (video clips). (Drew Howard)

Los Klezmeros, Austin, TX. "Music for Happy Feet" is what we do. Klezmer, East European, around the Mediterranean to Israeli, Greek, Arabesque, and then we might do a bebop & swing set in between the klezmer sets. Tel: 214-733-6768. (Tom Michero)

Klezmerovitz is based in Calgary, Alberta. We are doing public concerts, club gigs jewish holidays for the local synagogues and also as my background is in theatre, we have a few shows like "The Wedding Bard," an inter-active audience participation recreation of an Eastern European Jewish Wedding, A purim show ,"Esther The Brave", also audience participation and a Channukah Show. All these shows incorporate traditional Yiddish,Klezmer and Hebrew music. We are also doing Simchot: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, and any anniversaries, etc. We have just finished recording our 1st CD, of which we are very proud: "Klezmerovitz," featuring Allan Merovitz and are looking forward to doing more touring to Festivals. Web: (Allan Merovitz)

Organized in 2014, Klezundheit plays traditional and modern Klezmer, gypsy, Balkan, and jazz music. The band was started by Alan Posner, who was a charter member of Steve Dubov's Kidz Klez of Michigan in 1999 and is now the Band Director at Bloomfield Hills High School in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Alan arranges many of the songs performed by the band, which has played at local music festivals, synagogues, farmers' markets, and other venues. Tel: 248-464-0808. Web: (Ken Posner)

Klezmers Techter is a klezmerband from Frankfurt/Germany, founded 1994 by the clarinetist Gabriela Kaufmann. With great passion and respect for the Klezmer tradition, the trio is also influenced by tango and jazz. Gabriela Kaufmann (basscl/cl), Almut Schwab (acc/flutes), Nina Hacker (bass)—one of a few professional all-female Klezmer bands in Europe. New CD "Shoshanim" in 2012! Web:

band photoKlezmez—the Istanbul Goyisher Klezmer Kapelye. We are proud to say that we are the one and only Turkish klez band. There is a nucleus trio Bora Gurel-violin, Krzysztof Ochedowski-accordion and Deniz Basay-double bass. other musicians join us for different performances, singers such as Sumru Agiryuruyen , a well-known ethnic music singer in Turkey. We have a new member, Ozlem Karadeniz (cello and vocals). We play fairly traditionally, and have played throughout Turkey. Contact: Bora Gurel: +90 532 262 3727. . (krzysztof ochedowski)

Klezmic noiZ is a group of seven true-born Antwerp "di Gojim". Violinist Deben Benedict Van Damme founded the group end 1996. Their aim is clear: to bring their own interpretations of klezmer music from the Yiddish repertoire. Their city roots are injected with the Jewish heritage and transformed into succulent revelry and melancholic tunes. Just as their choice of music is not accidental, neither is there choice of instruments. With the violin as leading melodic instrument, the group harks back to the oldest traditions of klezmer music, long before the clarinet made her appearance in the traditional klezmer band. Flanked by the accordion and the soprano sax, the violin provides the instrumental basis for a modern interpretation of an old repertoire. This musical trio is supported by piano, bass and drums.... Tel: + + 03/2720427. Web_page: (Deben van Damme)

The Klezmiracles are a Jewish soul music band based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 23 531 2988.. (Rogier Wolf)

KlezMischpoche was founded in 1992 in Berlin—Lübars a suburb in North-Berlin / Germany. Three Klezmer musical have been performed "Masl tow", "Oifn Jorid" und "Heimwärts gen Eden"—the last two musicals included a CD production. Only CD "KlezMischpoche Live" is available now. In this project 13 - 15 musicians are involved. Web: (Wolfram Beyer)

KlezMITron is the MIT klezmer band. The band has been performing klezmer and traditional Jewish music around Boston and surrounding areas since 2004. We are available to play for dances, synagogue events, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and more. Web: (Daniel Salomon)

Klezmocracy is comprised of Joe Janiga, Ralph Huntley, Courtney Von Drehle and various guests. For Do Jump!, they perform as an all-hands-on-deck trio. Klezmocracy is a highly spontaneous, energetic and versatile ensemble that covers a diverse range of music – from Klezmer to the great beyond – spiced with an appropriate measure of insanity and seasoned with a sane measure of apropos. Klezmocracy is very excited to announce the release of their new CD, Reach (2011), which is available along with their first CD, Klezmocracy (2003) at (Ralph Huntley)

The Klezmocrats are Princeton University's new Klezmer band with members from all segments of the Princeton community. We are closely involved with the Princeton University Center for Jewish Life but also perform at Jewish life cycle celebrations throughout the region. Web: (David R. Spielberg)

Klezmofobia, Copenhagen, Denmark, plays known and not quite so known traditional klezmer tunes, and with great respect and love of the tradition we take it further into different atmospheres. Sometimes a beautiful ballad at other times with a free rock 'n' roll like approach. We also play original klezmer kompositions by the band members and by the bands special Muse: Jewish singer and composer Channe Nussbaum. With inspiration from the metropoles New York, Ukraine and the west of Denmark. Passionate and fervent, beautiful and heartfelt, loud and fast, for dancing or listening or making love. Tel: +45 26359671. Web: (Ole Reimer)

Klezmokum is a band which was put together by composer, arranger, pianist Burton Greene and clarinetist Marcel Salomon in Amsterdam, Holland in 1989. The group is dedicated to presenting Jewish folk music in a modern, often improvised or spontaneous setting. The repertoire is broad based including Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Chassidic, Ladino, Balkan and other material from Semitic sources. All the musicians have a long term connection with folk, jazz, and improvised music. Klezmokum has toured all over Europe and has had recent successful concerts at the Knitting Factory in New York, and in Pennsylvania. The basic group currently is Perry Robinson (USA)--clarinet, Larry Fishkind (USA)--tuba, Roberto Haliffi (Libya)--drums and North African percussion, Burton Greene (USA)--piano. The larger group is augmented by Patricia Beysens (Belgium)--vocals and flugelhorn, Hans Mekel (Holland)--clarinet, tarragot, and alto sax. The band has four CD's: "">Klezmokum.--> (Label:) BV Haast 9209, and "Jew-azzic Park" BV Haast 9506 available from North Country Distribution, Cadence Bldg, Redwood, NY 13679 or from Burton Greene. "ReJew-venation," BV Haast CD 9809 was released Fall 1998, and Fall 2000 saw the release of "Le Dor Va Dor," BV Haast CD 0700. They also appear on the JAM Klezmer compilation, "Klezmer Festival 1998: Live at the Knitting Factory." For further information: Postbox 16610, 1001 RC Amsterdam, Holland. Phone/fax: 31 20 6250087 (fax: *7). The band has some web pages up at (Burton Greene).

The Klezmonauts, based in Eugene, OR, play traditional sounding Klezmer and Israeli dance tunes with forays into jazz, funk and bluegrass. Instrumentation includes: Mandolin, fiddle, drums and bass. We play weddings, Mitzvahs, parties and clubdates. We offer acoustic sets and more traditional style when specified. Contact: Chip Cohen 484-9818. (Ken Sokolov)

One of the Southwest’s finest ensembles, the Klezmopolitans, began in 1984 as The Borderlands Klezmer Band. Our new name reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the music we play. We still specialize in klezmer and Jewish music, but we also play jazz standards, classical, Eastern European and gypsy music. We play for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, concerts and conventions. Instrumentation is clarinet, violin, guitar and bass. Tel: 623-5861. Web: (Matt Mitchell)

The Klezmorim were the band that got the klez revival of the Seventies going. I heard them first in 1982 and was captivated by the mix of theatre and music. The Klezmorim had a double row to hoe--not only did they need to shine in their own right, they had to create a context in which people could figure out whence they were coming (hence the storytelling and theatre, I think, at least, at first)--klezmer was that far out of the mainstream, and out of just about any creative streams by then. In their later years, the band seemed more focused on shtick and on '20s jazz--pretty nifty places to be in their own right, but not quite what one expected. Several albums are still available, and definitely worth a listen to. I did a capsule review of the discography back in 1986. I also reviewed the CD re-release of a compilation of the first two albums, "First Recordings 1976 - 78." Lark in the Morning has also made an interview with trombone-player Kevin Linscottdone in 1986 available on the web . Thanks to David Julian Gray for scouting out the article. I've also compiled the beginnings of a history of the band.--> based on David's and Lev Liberman'. You can now get the straight scoop, from Lev, at

KlezMs. breaks the traditional klezmer mold. KlezMs. combines the very finest in old-world Eastern European Jewish folk music with the hypnotic rhythms of the Middle East and spices it with jazz, culminating in the KlezMs. sound, traditional klezmer, with a twist. Comprised of a diverse group of five dynamic women, including a mother/daughter duo that represent third and fourth generation klezmer musicians, KlezMs. has been delighting audiences from small intimate parties to extravagant events for thousands. The .--> KlezMs demo tape is now available online in RealAudio format. Contact: KlezMs., 832 Beechwood Rd., Havertown, PA 19083. (610) 658-0314. (Susan Watts Hoffman)

The Boston-based Klezniks, founded by Barry Shapiro of the original Klezmer Conservatory Band, started in 1994 as a shul band at Temple B'nai Brith in Somerville, MA. Our current 6-person line-up includes Aram Hollman, fiddle; Jim Overly, keys; Fred Preffer, guitar; Mike Shapiro, drums; Marc Wolman, sax; Carl Woolf, clarinet; team, vocals. We play a melange of freylakhs, Israeli and Yiddish folk songs, nigunim, Yiddish theater tunes, gems from the Barry Sisters and ikh veys vos. We play at shtibls, shuls, synagogues and temples; and for private simkhas. For booking our full ensemble, or smaller or augmented group for your celebration, call Fred Preffer (617) 780-6676 or Marc Wolman (617) 733-3382. (Fred Preffer).

Klezperanto, "It's not your zayde's klezmer, " says The Boston Globe, [Klezmer Conservatory Band's] " Clarinetist Ilene Stahl heads up this whirlwind of a band, which turns klezmer, zydeco, rockabilly and various other ethnic sounds into a dance mix so potent it should carry a warning label." In addition to Ilene on clarinet, the band includes several other KCB members and "veterans": Evan Harlan on accordion, Mark Hamilton on trombone, and Grant Smith playing drums, Oy-wonder, Brandon Seabrook, on banjo/guitar. Josh "groove-machine" Tower covers acoustic and electric basses. With solid klezmer roots, spectacular technical virtuosity, and a wry sense of humor," these musicians re-groove traditional Yiddish and Mediterranean melodies with cajun, funk, cumbia, rockabilly and Romanian brass band surf music. The first, eponymous, Klezperanto album shot immediately onto the KlezmerShack Top10 for 2000 list. Tel: (413) 772-2972. (Ilene Stahl)

KlezPO (Klezmer-Projekt-Orchester Göttingen / Germany), is a 20-plus-piece orchestra playing Klezmer and related music right in the heart of Germany. Our members stem from six different nations (American, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Welsh), and it is lot of fun and hard work! Web: (Wieland Ulrichs)

The Klezroym are probably the most interesting klez band to come out of Southern Europe. Their musical language does draw liberally from the Ashkenazi tradition, but it also explores the music of Mediterranean Jewish communities from Spain to Greece and from Lybia to Marocco and mixes it with jazz. The newspaper "La Repubblica" called them one of the most interesting Italian groups in recent years. The KlezRoym are: Gabriele Coen, soprano sax and clarinet; Andrea Pandolfo, trumpet, Flugelhorn, and alto horn; Pasquale Laino, alto sax, baritone sax; Riccardo Manzi, classical guitar, bouzouki, voice; Marco Camboni, A.Q., stick, doublebass; Leonardo Cesari, drums; Eva Coen, voice. Their 1998 debut album reflects that diversity and is a wonderful exploration of current Jewish Italian sound. The follow-up album, "Sceni.--> (11/00) continues and strengthens that exploration. In 2002, the band released "Yankele". Contact info: CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye - Via Luigi Luciani 7, 00197, Roma, Italy. Tel: +39/06/36005297 / Fax: +39/06/32656276. website: (Emma Lakin)

KlezterBalm is a Seattle-based acoustic klezmer band. It plays klezmer, Yiddish and a bit of Middle Eastern style music in the Seattle, and it means every sound it makes. Tel: (206)524-7219. Web: (Benson Smith)

band poster
Kleztory is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Like the music that they play, form a rich mosaic of cultures, (Russia, Alberta, France and Quebec) musical training, (academic and self taught) and musical tastes (classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, country and folk songs). Formed in 2002 'Kleztory' quickly began producing shows in many diverse Montreal venues and private gatherings, but nothing will be able to replace the experience they garnered playing in the streets where the band really developed their cohesion, their spirit and their signature sound. By uniting their talents, these musicians re-create a virtuosity and emotion true to the spirit of Klezmer. 'Kleztory' is able to create a unique path through the use of arrangements that are at the same time innovative and respectful of the original compositions. These experienced musicians bring with them a remarkable multiculturalism through their association, and with their competence and passion make 'Kleztory' an exciting and unique ensemble on the world music scene. 'Kleztory' produced it's first CD at the beginning of 2003 called 'Kleztory - musique klezmer', and has recorded a second CD accompanied by the string orchestra 'I Musici de Montreal', under the direction of Yuli Turovsky, which will be distributed world-wide on the Chandos Label of England in the spring of 2004. Web: (Mark Peetsma)

The Kleztraphobix: Powered by driving horns and featuring a rhythm section that pulsates from the roots of traditional Klezmer, the Kleztraphobix use their diverse musical know-how to create a fearless and invigorating experience for their audiences. Integrating everything from free jazz to Macedonian Folk tunes, Kleztraphobix have concocted their own brand of Klezmer. The Kleztraphobix are also committed to new Klezmer and often perform their own compositions, creating an invigorating balance of tradition and modernity. They have performed at every notable club in New York City, numerous Borscht Belt engagements, and a variety of venues and functions from Toronto to Washington, D.C. The Kleztraphobix are: Mike Cohen: clarinet, sax, vocals; Jordan Hirsch: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals; Psachya Septimus: accordion, vocals; Rich Melnikoff Huntley: drums, percussion; Ron Caswell: tuba, tuba screams. Check out Ari Davidow's review of our new CD, "another bottle of vodka.--> right here on Klezmershack. Check out our website for performance updates and other stuff! Contact: Mike (212) 865-9662. The band has also received a concert review, from Feb. 2001.--> Web: (Mike Cohen)

KlezWhateveris an amateur klezmer band based in Brussels, Belgium. We play: for us (very selfish), for friends (very funny), for simchas (moderately profitable: some people will pay for starting us playing, some for ending us playing). Our raison d'être making music together: having fun (abe me lacht), klezmer (we like the originals), energy release (leibedikh und freilach). Instrumentation includes: violin (Roger Borenstein), piano (David Hildesheim), drums and percussion (Charly Gaertner), doublebass (Nathan Goldman), Bb clarinet (Laurent Fassino), C and Bb clarinet (Willy Kostucki), Vocals and Accordeon (Yves Levy, sepharadic but great yiddish singer—please do not tell anyone from his tribe!) Prerequisite to join the band: bring in a jewish joke nobody knows (not easy). (Willy Kostucki)

band photoKlezwoods, an exciting Boston, MA-based klezmer band, perform an energetic mix of klezmer, balkan, and arabic music with bass heavy grooves and eclectic instrumentation. Their first CD, Oy Yeah! was released in 2010. Web:> MySpace: (Joe Kessler)

Klezzazz is a new ensemble playing Klezmer, Yiddish Songs and a bit of Israeli dance music with an emphasis on vocal music in residence at Bolton Street Synagogue in Baltimore, MD. We are available for Jewish holiday celebrations, simkhas, parties and community festivals. Web: (Michael Checknoff)

Klezzence does concerts of classic Klezmer in combination with jazz. We are accomplished performers based in Cape Coral, FL. Instrumentation is clarinet/sax, accordion/piano, drums and bass. This group is available in variable size ensembles from solo to six pieces and may include trombone and fiddle. Tel: 413 221-1731. Web: (Daniel G. Klimoski)

Klingon Klezmer takes klez into warp drive with a contemporary sound infusion. This seven-member ensemble, made up of some of Philadelphia's best-known jazz, funk and Dixieland musicians and directed by cantor-composer Jack Kessler, keeps the tradition evolving and rocking. The group has been thrilling crowds and blowing minds at upscale weddings, starship launchings and alien bar-mitzvahs across the galaxy. Proving that everyone can be uplifted and have a whole lot of fun at the same time, Klingon Klezmer concerts typically produce mass dancing in the aisles and occasional departure into orbit. Klingon CDs Honey would you be Meshuga Tonite and Blue Suede Jews.--> 2006, are available on> Atzilut and Klingon Klezmer are the only Jewish ensembles approved for performance grants by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. There is now a live video clip of the bad boys of klezmer being themselves. For booking information: supreme commander Jack Kessler, 215-849-9227. Web: (Jack Kessler)

The Knaydels, Pittsfield, MA, are a new band (2006); vocal, keyboard, violin, woodwinds, baritone horn, guitar, drums. Playing traditional klezmer, yiddish folk/theater and Jewish dance music. Tel: 413-447-0526. (Alan Gold)

Kol HaGeulah, is now known as Merkavah.--> (Yerachmiel Altizio)

band photoKol Haruach Klezmer Band is based in College Park, MD. It all began in 2001 when a bunch of musicians came together to jam at the Lansing Michigan Jazz Festival. They liked the music, the sound and the groove so much, they decided to form a touring/party band. Today, Kol Haruach's ("Voice of the Spirit") Jazz/Rock/Klezmer performance style has become their trademark. The Band chooses the appropriate style and feel of the music, depending on the occasion of the performance and their audience. The band performs Klezmer, Israeli, Ladino, Russian, Bulgarian, Swing, Jazz, and is especially known for their hi-energy and authentic Rock & Roll. They perform the wedding, the Bar Mitzvah, as well at the corporate party and state dinner. They are known for getting crowds onto the dance floor! Contact: Cell: 301-792-2738 / Office: 301-441-8899. Web: (Brian Choper)

Kol Hashirim is a Klezmer band based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. We are available to go to Oklahoma, Lousiana, Arkansas and other parts of Texas. Tel: 817 540 3713. Web: (Phil Landsberg)

Kol Isha is an Icelandic/German band, playing/singing yiddish songs and klezmer tunes. Singer Inge Mandos-Friedland of Hamburg and Birgit Myschi, bass, Gudmundur Palsson, fiddle, Hermann Jónsson, guitar, Hilmar Örn Agnarsson, reed organ, Hjörtur Hjartarson, clarinets and Skúli Arason, percussion, came together for a short series of concerts in Iceland in March 2003. We have been performing in various klezmer-related projects and certainly hope to continue working together in years to come. (Hjörtur Hjartarson)

We're called Kol Klezmer, and are the in-house klezmer band of Temple Emanu-El in Providence RI. We stick to very traditional stuff. We've been together about a year, and are having a ball. (Shelley Katsh).

Kol-Oud-Tof Trio. Three musicians, Three instruments, Three native lands, Three Languages, Gather in Jerusalem to play the music of Morocco which remembers Spain, which in turn, yearns for Jerusalem. Trio Kol Oud Tof was born out of deep love for the Moroccan Jewish musical traditions. The unique bond among Moroccan born oud player Armand Sabach, singer Esti Kenan Ofri and percussionist Oren Fried brings Together a personal and distinctive selection of four different musical repertoires: Spanish women's songs from northern Morocco, sung in their original language (Haketia); songs in Jewish Moroccan Arabic dialect; Moroccan Jewish liturgical music; and classical Andalusian songs sung in Arabic. Trio Kol Oud Tof won the Israeli Ministry of Culture award for best chamber ensemble 2002, performed at the "Strictly Mundial" festival in Marseille 2003 and played in various concerts and festivals in Europe and Israel. The Trio's first CD "Gazelle.--> was released on Magda Music 2002. Booking: SCENA, Address: 22 Heleni Ha-Malka st. Jerusalem 95101 Israel. Web:

Kol ShiraKol Shira, based in Iowa City, Iowa, is an all women sextet known for its performances of International Jewish traditional & contemporary music as sung by Jews from Russia, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Iraq, France, Spain, Italy, Albania and more. It is an eclectic fusion of Middle Eastern, Latin, gypsy, jazz, folk and classical music. The group features vocals, flute, guitar, piano, bass, cello and hand-held percussion. They have released two CDs. Jim Musser, of the Iowa City Press Citizen, ranked their first release "as one of the top six independent releases from the Eastern Iowa area". Members of Kol Shira are Julie Anolik Cassel, cello, percussion; Karen Charne, flute, piano, harmonies; Valerie Davine Bills, vocals; Rita Offutt, vocals; Debbie Singer, guitar; and Linda Wertz, electric bass, percussion and harmonies. Videos of the group are also available on the website. Web: (Linda Wertz)

Kol Simcha is a Swizz jazz ensemble playing Jewish-derived music. They have several albums out, including Crazy Freilachs.--> This is an excellent example of comfortable jazz ensemble playing with Jewish influences, although it should be remembered that the person writing this does not often personally listen to music that can be described incorporating the word "comfortable". Current contact is Michael Heitzler. [ari.

publicity photoKol Tof Duo (voice & drum). Singer, dancer and choreographer Esti Kenan Ofri and percussionist Oren Fried embarked on an innovative exploration of Sephardic musical traditions from the Mediterranean. Their repertoire brings together the poetry of simple, popular songs and artistic compositions, prayers recited by men in the synagogue and melodies sung by women in everyday life. Texts are in Ladino, Hebrew and Arabic. Duo Kol Tof has been performing since 1992 in numerous festivals and concerts in Israel, Europe and the U.S. Discography: "Camino en Mano.--> ("My Path in Hand"), July 2003. Booking: SCENA, 22 Heleni Ha-Malka St. Jerusalem 95101 Israel Web:> .

Kol Tuv is an all Jewish, Toronto based, Rock n' Roll Simcha Band! We play all the hora, Carlebach, and Chabad songs with a powerful and energetic style! Geat for young University crowds, summer camps, Bar/Bat mitzvahs and much more! Tel: 647 831 1687. Check us out at (Tal Ben-Izhak)

Kol Zimra, based in Englewood, NJ, is a world-renowned vocal simcha ensemble, dedicated to enhancing every event with lively a capella music. The talented vocalists of Kol Zimra perform everywhere from New York to Israel, at bar/bat mitzvahs, chuppahs, sheva berachos, banquets and more. Their beautiful harmones,exciting rhythms, vast repertoire, and lively personalities guarantee a leibedig and memorable simcha or event. Contact: Kol Zimra A Cappella, 60 East Linden Avenue #6D, Englewood, NJ 07631. Tel: 201-247-9351. Web: (Alex Katz)

Kompanye is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is currently a duet featuring Stuart lipkowitz on violin, mandolin, and mandola and Danny Packer on mandolin. We play East European style Klezmer. Tel: 505-265-2232. (Stuart Lipkowitz).

You may recall The Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra. We performed in the San Francisco Bay Area until 1986. At that time, my wife and I moved to Hawaii, to the Big Island. Since then, our band has been recreated as Kona's Traveling Jewish Wedding Band. Our original album/CD is being distributed by Rykodisc (RCD 10105). Our latest CD is "Shaloha Oy.--> (2003). Anyone coming to Hawaii and thinking of getting married, we're available! Tel: 808 326-4192. Fax: 808 329-8583. Web: (Barry Blum)

Konsonans Retro is a family brass band from Kodyma, Oblast Odessa, Ukraine, playing the regional blend of Ukrainian, Moldovan and Jewish wedding music. Chief trumpeter Vasyl Baranovsky remembers many rare tunes he learned from his father and grandfather. The band collaborates with clarinetist Christian Dawid and drummer Guy Schalom and has been labelled "best world music idea in ages" (Bob Cohen) and even "best klezmer band in the world" (Alec Kopyt). Almost no Samohon was invested to get these statements, really. Tel: 0049 (178) 168-8789. Web:

Be it a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Bedeken, Wedding Ceremony or Dinner and Dancing, This exciting band will set the mood for your next Simcha! The Kosher Klezmer Band is based in Houston, Texas and showcases experienced Klezmer musicians! The band was created and is led by Clarinetist Pamela Bingham Sheppard. With an extensive repertoire of Jewish, as well as American dance music, The Kosher Klezmers will inspire a joyous evening of dancing and celebration! Contact: Kosher Klezmer Band, 1202 1/2 West 16th, Houston, TX. 77008. Tel: 713-863-7435 / Cell: 713-299-5251. Web: (Pamela Bingham Sheppard)

Seattle-based, Kosher Red Hots play whirlwind Eastern European klezmer dance music, Yiddish musical theater and swing, and Spanish flavored love songs of the Sephardim. Their music is authentic but never sounds like a museum piece. They play with an enthusiastic love for their work and plenty of musical know-how. Vocalist Sheila Fox has performed at Klezfest in St. Petersburg, Russia, and with Clare Barry of the Barry Sisters at the Queens Yiddish Theater Festival in New York. Bassist and guitarist, Eugene Jablonsky, has played with jazz pianist Marian McPartland, Gunther Schuller's New England Ragtime Ensemble, and swing violin legend Johnny Gimble. Clarinetist Liz Dreisbach and accordionist Laurie Andres have crisscrossed the United States playing scores of dance halls with stops at the Hong Kong Folk Festival (Liz) and the Carrefour mondial de l'accordéon in Montmagny, Quebec (Laurie). Together, the Kosher Red Hots have appeared all over at places like NPR's A Prairie Home Companion, with Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion At Sea 2006 Cruise to Alaska, the Vancouver Folk Festival, and Seattle's Bumbershoot Arts Festival. Contact Sheila Fox: 360-579-1287. Web: (Liz Dreisbach)

Sanya Kroitor & His Band is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the crossroads of traditional Jewish Klezmer music, but also folk and jazz, the virtuoso Sanya Kroitor takes us away to a wonderful journey where he transcends the genres to create his own unique and captivating compositions. Playing violin since the age 7, Sanya Kroitor was already at age 10 the soloist of his father's 40 musicians Moldavian folk music band. At college, he specialized in classic music, folk and composition and started appearing on TV and theater accross the USSR. In 1992, he moved to Israel, which led to concerts, recordings and TV appearances. Since 2003, Sanya Kroitor travels the world with his own band, playing very personal and stirring compositions, which granted him the nickname of "Israeli Paganini". Improvisation is also for Sanya a significant mean of artistic expression where he finds a space of pure communion with music, and where he engages in a spiritual intercourse with his instrument. Sanya Kroitor's artistic elegance, powerful charisma and vivid energy, mixed his exceptional technical mastery of the violin and the deep emotion that emanates from his compositions, maks his music an outstanding experience that rejoices the soul. Sanya Kroitor has released 5 albums of his own compositions, and played around the world (Paris, New-York, Chicago, Saint-Petersbourg, Moscow,Taiwan, Milan, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Kazan, Berlin, Safed, etc.) Web: Contact: Producer Michael Gomel, Modjo Prod—France: +; Israel: +972.545.607.721 (Michael Gomel)

Kroke was formed in 1992 in Kraków (“Kroke” means “Kraków” in Yiddish) by three friends, graduates of Kraków Academy of Music The group began with playing music deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. With time, by including elements of jazz and world music Kroke developed its own, genuine style. During 15 years of their activity KROKE recorded independently seven records, with two of them nominated to and one, “Sounds of the Vanishing World” winning in 2000 the German Record Critics’ Award. The first concert abroad KROKE gave in 1993 in Jerusalem at Survivors Reunion, at Steven Spielberg’s invitation. By giving numerous concerts abroad each year since then, the group has managed to win faithful audience in every European country. Kroke’s participation at prestigious WOMAD Festival or North Sea Jazz Festival resulted in cooperation with Peter Gabriel and a charismatic violinist, Nigel Kennedy. With the latter KROKE recorded a smash hit record “East meets East”. Since 2004 KROKE has been recording and performing with a jazz percussionist, Tomasz Grochot. The result of KROKE’s cooperation with Edyta Geppert and jazz pianist, Krzysztof Herdzin, is a record called “Śpiewam życie”. MUSICIANS: Jerzy Bawoł - accordion; Tomasz Kukurba – viola; Tomasz Lato – double bass; cooperation: Tomasz Grochot - percussion. Web:

"Krupnik" is the oldest klezmer orchestra in Belgium. It is also the one most integrated into the Brussels Jewish Community... Since 1988, the quartet "Krupnik" has been playing at marriages, Bar-mitzvah's and other Simkhes. Under the direction of André Reinitz (piano, accordeon and arrangements), Joëlle Hanssens (violin), Jean-Pierre Debacker (clarinette) and Alexandre Furnelle (contrabass), Krupnik interpret a vast Klezmer, Hassidic, Yiddish and Israeli repertoire. Their desire to spread the Jewish music to other cultures has led to their participation in numerous international events. The group has also brought out a CD "KRUPNIK 1". Tel: 00 32-2-332.43.03. Web: (André Reinitz).

Kruzenshtern & Parohod is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We are a crazy, fresh, innovative & provocative klezmer trio with driving rock rythm-section and passionate clarinet. Their first album is "The Craft of Primitive Klezmer." Tel: +972 54 579 0810. (Victor Levin)

Kugel (Seattle, Washington, formerly known as "Shawn's Kugel") is a 4-5 piece band that performs a lot of bar/bat mitzvas and weddings. In 1998 we released our first CD of originals and traditional material called "Simcha!". We followed up with "Most Precious of Days.--> in 2000 and Finger Play.--> 2002. The band is led by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Weaver (also with Mazeltones.--> and performs a wide repertoire of traditional/original klezmer, Sephardic, contemporary chassidic, jazz and a tiny bit of reggae/pop. Check out our website for sheet music and more info.

Kugelplex is based in San Francisco, CA. This all-star, 6-piece ensemble specializes in getting to the heart of the boisterous, soulful, celebratory nature of Klezmer. Kugelplex plays weddings, bar mitzvahs, festivals, art openings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, middle school dances... Rob Reich: Accordion; Aharon Wheels Bholsta: Percusion; David Rosenfeld: Mandolin/violin; Marguerite Ostrovski: Violin/Vocals; Eugene Warren: Bass; Jason Ditzian: Clarinet/Sax/kugel making. For more information regarding the many configurations and options Kugelplex has to offer: Tel: 415 613 3695. Web: (Jason Ditzian)

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