Bands and Performing Groups: Klezmer, Jewish, and Related or Derivative musics

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Klezmer Bands, "Y"

Yababai-bop is a new klezmer quintet located in NYC. This group plays original compositions mixing klezmer with jazz and Israeli art music as well as traditional klezmer tunes. Adam Berkowitz (clarinet); Osnat Netzer (piano); J.P. Norpoth (bass); Steve Solook (drums); Mark Tipton (trumpet). Web: E-mail Yababai-Bop. (Adam Berkowitz)

The Yale Klezmer Band, founded in 1992 by Ken Richmond, the Yale Klezmer Band is a group of undergraduate and graduate students from all different musical backgrounds. We are here to bring the joyous, rousing sounds of klezmer to the halls of Yale, to its Hillel as well as to anyone who likes energized dance music. Our performances don't stop there, though: we have played down to Florida and would love to play even further. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, community events, private parties, and fundraisers in the New York/Connecticut areas are our standard fare. Web: E-mail Yale Klezmer Band. (Richard Kahn)

Yankele, based in France, a group perfectly balanced, virtuoso, and profoundly sensitive. The group transmits fully the the soul of klezmer, the "parfum" of the klezmorim. A veritable klezmer ghost (spirit) is always present in their CD. And we enter intimitely, passionately in their interpretations, in their creations, in their delicate and cared for arrangements. Five musicians: clarinet, violin, basse, accordeon, guitar. The first CD, released in 2002, is entitled, "L'esprit du klezmer" (The spirit of klezmer). E-mail Yankele. (Denis Cuniot).

Yarmulkazi! is Brown University’s premier and only klezmer band. We are dedicated to keeping the klezmer tradition alive and hip, promoting klezmer music as an outlet for musical and cultural expression and as a tremendous amount of fun. We play traditional favorites and some of our own tunes. Available for parties, b'nai mitzvah, weddings, or just a good time. Web: Write: 80 Brown Street, Providence RI 02906. E-mail Yarmulkazi. (Abigail Plummer)

Yid Vicious, Based in Madison, WI, Yid Vicious has been engaging and delighting audiences throughout the Midwest since 1995. The group has released four CDs and has received numerous regional awards for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary klezmer. All told, there are seven members of Yid Vicious, with a musical arsenal consisting of clarinets, saxophones, fiddle, horn, vocals, guitar, accordion, tuba, drums, occasional vocals, and sometimes theremin. Yid Vicious CDs include "Klez, Kez, Goy mit Fez" (1996); "FForverts!" (2001); "The Seventh Schlemiel" (2005); and "Dollars to Doinas" (2009). All four recordings are available from CD Baby. Web: E-mail Yid Vicious. (Kia Karlen)

Yiddish Choir Hejmisj Zain, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The choir, founded in 1992, is a mixed choir with 50 members, divided up into four singing voices. Yiddish and a small numbers of Hebrew and Ladino songs are being sung. The aim is to advance and develop the Yiddish Art of singing in general and the amateur Yiddish Choral singing in particular. Qualified conductor since spring 1999 is Jules Bart. Tel: 0031 35 6940618. Web: E-mail: Yiddish Choir Hejmisj Zain

The Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra is a nine piece Klezmer ensemble of men and women from diverse musical backgrounds, who come together to share a common love of Jewish and eastern European music, and the great food that Marion provides at rehersals. Based in Victoria, B.C. Canada, we play alternate Sundays at Pagliacci's Restaurant, as well as Weddings, B'nai Mitzvot, parties, festivals, sidewalks and Brit Millot. Marion Siegel, band ballebusta, can be reached at (250) 885- 4857. Web: E-mail Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra.

Yiddish Cowboys is based in Austin, Texas, performing Jewish music of varying styles, in addition to our theme song, "Mamas, Don't Let Your Sons Become Yiddish Cowboys." Yiddish Cowboys is led by clarinetist Michael Drapkin. Tel: 512-590-2544. Web: E-mail Yiddish Cowboys. (Michael Drapkin)

"Meshuge" veut dire "fou" en yiddish! Collectif aléatoire (et très occasionnel), le YiddishDubProject cherche à faire revivre de vieilles chansons populaires ou berceuses yiddish, en les adaptant à la "sauce Dub". Compositeurs: Stéphane Lopez/David Kleinman; Chant: Betty Reicher/David Kleinman. The YiddishDubProject is a collective and informal band from Paris. At the beginning we were three, Betty Reicher (Yiddish cabaret singer), Stéphane Lopez (compositeur, musician) and me (compositeur, singer). The aim is to adapt old yiddish text and make new sound with it. "meshuge" was the thirst shot! we hope to make an album one day, With other musicians...for example next song will be played with a gypsy "fanfare"... We want to keep Yiddish alive! Web: MySpace: E-mail YiddisheDubProject. (David Kleinman)

Yiddishe Cup, founded in 1988, plays an eclectic mix of Jewish music, with an emphasis on klezmer and Borscht Belt humor. The Cleveland-based band has performed throughout the United States. Yiddishe Cup, known for its raucous and funny performances, lights up the stage with its top-notch musicianship and wide range of Yiddish music, from traditional to swing to mambo. Besides concerts, the band also plays simchas (bar mitzvahs and weddings) nearly every weekend. The six- person band includes a dance leader. At simchas the band plays American music as well as Jewish music. Cleveland Free Times editors chose Yiddishe Cup as the "best ethnic/world act" of 2000. The band's latest recording is "Meshugeneh Mambo" (2004) a klezmer comedy CD. Yiddishe Cup is Bert Stratton, Irwin Weinberger, Alan Douglass, Steve Ostrow, Don Friedman and Daniel Ducoff. Web: E-mail Yiddishe Cup. (Bert Stratton)

The Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble (based in Western Massachusettes) performs traditional Klezmer music as well as Jazz. The members of the ensemble play a myriad of instruments including clarinet, fiddle, trombone, piano, bass, drums, saxophone and flute. Available for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, concerts, festivals, synagogue events, educational workshops, etc. Contact Brian Bender at +1 413 367 9900. Web: E-mail Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble. (Brian Bender)

Yidn is a four piece band featuring clarinet, violin, mandolin, and bass. Our sound is based on the Belf recordings, even when we learn something not recorded by Belf we ask ourselves how he might have accented it. Not that we are stuck in 1912, but Belf is our man! Being based in St. Louis, MO. we are trying to bring klezmer to a real wasteland for yiddish culture. We have been together for over four years and play regularly at Brandt's cafe , we opened for the New Orleans Klez Allstars, and are working on a recording. Web: E-mail Yidn. (Paul Wexler)

Yomtov!, based in Los Angeles, CA is a Klezmer Performance Ensemble. Our motto: "Klezmer - to the World!". Tel. (323) 459-9765. E-mail Yomtov!. (Gamma Skupinsky)

Yossel Yossel is a Klezmerband from Breda in the Netherlands, and existing since December 1995. Yossel Yossel means little Joseph and is the first number on the playlist. The six musicians has met each other in the band of the musical Mahagonny in 1995. In an original klezmerband the accordion and violin was very important. Later on the part of the violin is taken over by a clarinet.The line-up of Yossel Yossel is: alt and baritone saxophone, trumpet, accordion, drums and female vocals. And so the sound is something complete different! Contact: Joop Lengkeek, (031)07-65-202-968. Web: E-mail Yossel Yossel. (Joop Lengkeek)

Yurodny, Dublin, Ireland. With an ever-increasing amount of cross-border migration, the peoples of Europe are currently more diversified than at any other point in their history, and more languages are now spoken under the auspices of any one European nation than ever before. At the same time, the regional idiosyncrasies that characterise a people and a place are being diluted by a Western tendency towards a standardised consumer and mass media-driven monoculture. In answer to this, creative work that can both build a bridge between peoples and also help to clean the waters beneath the bridge plays a crucial role, for not only is it a way to highlight the prospective strength found in cultural diversity, but also to create new and vibrant work that adds to the force of the culture from which it springs. This diversification can be a particularly strong and positive force in the field of music. The great Hungarian composer Bela Bartok in his research into the traditional music of his own country and its neighbours found reason to believe that the cross-pollination of songs from different regions resulted in their subsequent "organic development" and was an essential nutrient for invigorating the well-spring of folk music, resulting in an increased richness of the music of each region. The composers of the Impressionist movement drew much inspiration from the prevalent exposure in their time to the musical world of the Far East and the wide body of music that is known under the broad umbrella term of jazz has shown the evidence of a continually fruitful conversation between the Western European and African musical heritages. Why is this cross-pollination of significance to musicians? Linguistically speaking, in order for intelligent communication to take place, the language of one must be absorbed by the other. Is the same thing true for the language of Music? I would put forward the notion that in terms of musical development we as human beings have not strayed so far from the original source language. Music is a common human tongue, able to be instantly recognised and understood by speakers from anywhere in the world quicker than verbal communicative methods and is still traditionally used in relatively similar social functions: for celebration, for lamentation, for storytelling, for meditative purposes, for education, and in religious ceremony. By recognising these similarities and focusing attention, in research, development and performance, on the potential to create and learn together, we fulfil the promise of Music to enrich and deepen our appreciation of one another and of ourselves. It was for this reason that the Yurodny group was founded, and it is this which inspires us to continually seek new musicians with whom to collaborate. Web: E-mail Yurodny.

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