Jeremiah Lockwood / A Great Miracle

perfect block-print of khanukiya and excellent lettering

Jeremiah Lockwood / A great miracle, 2021

Out on Reboot Records. Available from Bandcamp and better digital and cd shops everywhere.

Jeremiah Lockwood is one of the most creative people making Jewish-relevant music today. This guitar music, released in 2021, is now also available on vinyl. However you listen to it, you are in for a treat. The long-time blues guitarist (among very many musical guises) here picks out and strums holiday favorites, one for each night of Khanike, with great dexterity and warmth.

The recording opens with a medley of songs from the Khanike-night "Ritual" and closes with a delightful "Chanukah Oy Chanukah." Also notable are a lovely finger-picked version of "Mi Yemalel" which reminds me (albeit with a heavier touch) of Tzadik recording artist Tim Sparks. There are two entirely different variants of "Al Hanisim," each picked quite differently. All of the songs are familiar, from "Maoz Tzur" (Rock of Ages) to the country blues flavor of "Little Dreydel" (well, mostly familiar with some new variants). The warmth of Jeremiah's playing makes them new, especially special coming at a cold and dark time of the year.

This is a very special guitar album. I am not familiar with the inspiration, but the website acknowledges John Fahey's 1968 classic "The New Possibility: John Fahey’s Guitar Soli Christmas Record."" For years this has been my favorite latke-making music and a favorite holiday gift. I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge it on the KlezmerShack. Happy to have the impending release of the vinyl version as a spur. You can pick up your copy - digital or vinyl (release date is Nov 20, 2023, but you can pre-order now).

Reviewed by Ari Davidow, 18 Nov, 2023.

Personnel this recording:
Jeremiah Lockwood: guitar

Song Titles

  1. Ritual 4:56
  2. Al Hanisim—About the miracles 3:55
  3. Mi Yemalel—Who will relate the story 3:02
  4. Al Hanisim Izhar Cohen— 2:53
  5. Maoz Tzur—Rock of ages 3:13
  6. Little Dreydel 3:29
  7. Drey Dreydl 2:40
  8. Chanukah Oy Chanukah 3:21

All songs traditional, arranged by Jeremiah Lockwood

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